The 'No Rad's Step by Step Plan for (Non-ionizing) EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Radiation measurement guide' will allow you to quickly start measuring EMF radiation, finding sources in the house and penetration points of EMF Radiation into the house, find safety distances from ELF sources, and reduce your exposure to EMF. Both Electromagnetic Hypersensitive(EHS) people and people who are not yet EHS can benefit from this guide.
The  'No Rad's Step by step EMF Measurement guide' is more specific than the chapter about DIY EMF/EMR measurement in this site, and is meant to be easier to follow with simple steps and focus of EMF Measurement.

After more than 10 years of handling EHS, and guiding others (both EHS and non-EHS) about EMF, DIY measurements, Exposure reduction, and EMF protection, I have come up with this guide that includes the most basic steps of EMF Measurement. I prepared this guide so people will have an easy to follow step by step "checklist" of items to do. I believe following this guide will give you a solid start into the EMF measurement world.

The steps of the "No Rad's Step By Step EMF Measurement Guide":

 Step Number


Picture / Video

 1 Watch "Preview to EMF/EMR Radiation"     

 2 Order/Buy/Gut a home use EMF meter. 
The most recommended home use meter is the CORNET ED88TPLUS (03/2018)

The basic need is to cover both Radio Frequency(RF), Extreme Low Frequency magnetic(ELFm) field. 

If possible an ELF electric field(ELFe) and Dirty Electricity(DR) meter will be nice. 


 3Start using the new meter
Learn how to operate it, learn what the display shows in every different mode. You can watch the demonstration videos we made, read the User Manual.

You need to be able Radio Frequency Radiation, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) Magnetic fields. 
In addition, it is nice to be able to measure also ELF Electric fields (The CORNET ED88T can) and also Dirty Electricity (a Different additional meter).
 4 Learn what the display shows in RF mode

In RF mode the Radiation level will usually change very rapidly. I usually try to view the levels (highlighted in Blue) and the Histogram (in Green) for a while (10-20 seconds) and then write down the Max value (highlighted in Red) and the PEAK AVERAGE (in pink) of the last 15 seconds (if the is no PEAK AVERAGE for the last 15 seconds feature, I write the level that the meter showed most of the time).

Please note that in the CORNET ED88T you can also see the frequency of the strongest signal, if bigger than -30dBm (In the picture show 2398 MHz).
CORNET ED88T display in RF mode
 5Learn how to hold the meter
Make sure you are holding the meter as shown in the picture. Hold it in such a way that your hand and fingers will not block the RF antenna or get close to the ELF Electric sensor. 

Every time you start a measurement, measure the levels in all 3 axis: X, Y, Z. 
Do most of the measurement in the strongest axis, or calculate the equivalent of the 3-Axis (square root of X2+Y2+Z2).
In RF the Y-axis is usually the strongest.
In ELF mode it changes from one place to the other.  
Hold the EMF meter right
 6 At least for the measurement process, turn OFF your mobile phone. If it will not be turned off, the meter will pick up the radiation emitted by the cell phone.

If you are going to use the smartphone as a camera, make sure it is in AirPlane mode and disable all wireless features: (Data, WIFI, NFC, Bluetooth). 

stop cell phone emission
 7 First tests - Measure where people stay
Measure the RF, ELF Magnetic and ELF Electric fields wherever people stay for a long time. The most important place to measure is the bedrooms. In the bedroom measure over the beds. Other places are sitting and working areas. 

If you see high levels, try to unplug devices and appliances from the electricity sockets. If the levels drop after unplugging a device, it is most likely it was the cause of the high levels that you saw.
If you still see high levels, turn off the electricity to the room, or to the all house. If the problems still exist, the radiation is most likely coming from outside the house (neighbors or environment).
Measure where people are staying for long time
 8Draw the plan of your house/office

Mark the testing points with dots and assign a number to each dot.

draw the plan of your house
 9 Prepare an Excel sheet. Every line should mark a testing point(TP), every column should mark a different time & date of measurement.

Repeat the measurements several times during the week and on weekends. 

Repeat the test in different times, usage high peak hours,  and low peak. 

Electric usage peak hours in residential areas are usually between 19:00-21:00, and during the weekends. 

Mobile phone antenna peak hours are usually weekdays between 07:00-22:00.
 10 Scan the house searching for sources and penetration points of EMF. 

When getting near a source or penetration points, the levels will go up. 

Scan when the meter is at 1.5-meter height. 

Scan the house in a search for source and penetration points of EMF
 11Scan in different heights
If there is a need to know if the radiation is coming from above or below, scan also in the height of 1 meter, 0.2 meters, 1.8 meters.
 12Reduce exposure to sources that you found.
In the case, you found an ELF source inside the house, and you wish to reduce your exposure to the radiation coming of his, hold the meter next to the source and then start moving back until the levels drop to the "safe levels".  

Safety distance from ELF sources - Usually less than 2 meters. 

Safety distance from RF sources - it covers the whole house? no safety distance.
Reduce exposure
 13 Measuring Safety distance from ELF sources.

  1. Hold the meter in a place near the source, where it is easy to measure the ELF Magnetic or Electric fields.
  2. Measure the radiation levels in 3 Axis, Y, X & Z. 
  3. Pick the strongest axis and hold the meter in this axis.
  4. Start moving away from the source. Watch the levels drop. When the level will reach 2mG (0.2uT) in Magnetic Fields, and 15V/m in Electric field, this is where you can stay for sometimes.
  5. Continue to move away from the source and pay attention to the levels. When they drop below background levels, 0.6mG for the magnetic field, and 8V/m for Electric fields.
  6. Add an addition 0.5 meter, this is where it is better to sleep (I always recommend to unplug ELF sources from the electricity socket if not in use.
measuring in 3 axis, Y, Z, X
X Y Z Axis

 14 Scan walls and windows
In case there is radiation penetration via the walls and windows, scan the walls and windows. Try to understand where from the radiation is coming from into the house. 
If you are measuring RF radiation it is important to understand how much RF radiation is coming from the windows and how much manage to pass the walls. 

When measuring RF radiation, put the meter against the wall and measure. Then put it against the window and measure. 

When measuring RF radiation against a window, measure the level both when the window is opened and when closed. If the window already has a film that blocks some of the RF radiation, you should see lower levels when the window is closed. In most case 90% less than when the window is opened. 
 Scan walls and windows
 15 Radio Frequencies Radiation Protection
In case you found RF penetration points to the house from outside, it is possible to protect the house with RF Protection. Please see: 
Radio Frequencies Radiation Protection
Store - Home Protection (mostly RF)
RF Window protection
 16 ELF Magnetic field Protection
In case you found ELF radiation penetration points, in a small part of the cases (electric cabinet, electric meter, sources behind a wall...) it is possible to use ELF protection, usually by professionals only, to stop and divert some of the radiation. 
Please see:
Extreme Low Frequencies Radiation Protection

ELF protection

 17 Radiation exposure recommendations
In RF radiation, I recommend removing from the house all RF sources. Change them with wired alternatives. Then if you get more than 0.04mW/m2 from outside, start the protection effort. 

In the case of ELF magnetic field, I recommend not to be exposed to higher levels than 2mG(for EHS people even lower than 1mG) for more than few minutes. 

Please read the following chapter on this site in order to understand the basis to the safety standards and my recommendations. 
Safety standards & recommendations

None EHS people
RF - start protection from 0.04mW/m2
ELF - stay lower than 2mG

EHS people
RF - try to stay at levels lower than 0.0005mW/m2
ELF - try to stay at levels lower than 1mG
 18Redo the measurements in different days/hours, and every once in a while, until the radiation exposure and penetration picture will be clear to you. 
Make sure you redo the measurements at least once a month to make sure nothing changed. 

levels change over time

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions
Good luck!