EMF / EMR sources in the house

We all use electric and electronic equipment in the house. Electronic equipment makes our life much easier. Usually, when electronic equipment is being used, EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) is being emitted from it, mostly in low frequency, but sometimes also in High frequency.

  • EMF/EMR low frequency (ELF) sources in the house:

    • CRT TV

    • Air conditioner systems
    • Refrigerators
    • Electric Ovens

    • Electrical heating systems
    • Underfloor heating system
    • Electric beds
    • Bedside electronic clock-alarm-radio devices
    • Power supplies and voltage converters
    • Stereo and home entertainment systems

    • Fans
    • Computers and laptops
    • CFL (Compact Florescent Light ) bulbs.
    • Neighbors' ELF sources that are located next to your walls.

  • EMF/EMR High frequency (RF) sources in the house:

    • DECT and other types of cordless phones, even on standby mode.

    • Mobile phones (most people use them also when at home), when using it, and once in a while, on standby mode
    • Microwave ovens, when in use
    • WiFi routers and equipment
    • TV video games like Play-Station 3, Wii, XBOX and so on.
    • Streamers (Wi-Fi)
    • Bluetooth equipment
    • Baby sense monitors
    • Neighbors' RF sources.
    • Smart Electric/Gas/water meters.
    • Smart TV (WIFI and Bluetooth remote control).
    • TV Set Top boxes with RF-based remote control or/and WIFI connectivity
    • "Smart house" wireless components
    • "Internet of things" components
    •  "Smart City" components
    • RF Radiation from cell phones mast outside the house

How to limit the exposure?

In your house you are the master, you can very easily control the way you use the equipment. By following some basic rules and steps you can reduce your exposure. So what can you do?
  • Keep a safe distance from working electric and electronic equipment.
  • Minimize the use of cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and the cell phone while in the house.
  • Disconnect electric equipment from the power socket when not in use.
  • It is recommended to buy electromagnetic meters both for high and low frequency so you will be able to monitor the radiation sources in your house.

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