Electromagnetic Radiation(EMF/EMR) Reduction

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Reduce use (of EMF/EMR devices) and exposure (to EMF/EMR)

Reduce of your exposure to EMF(Electromagnetic Frequencies/Fields, also known as EMF- Electromagnetic Radiation) Radiation and your use of  Electromagnetic Frequencies Radiation (EMF) emitting devices will help to minimize the effect EMR will have over you. 

EMF (sources and exposure) Reduction is the third step. 

By reduction of the 


 sources in your environment, you can minimize and limit most of your 


 Radiation exposure.  When you can't reduce or control the sources you need to protect yourself, but most of the time you will be able to reduce your exposure to 

EMF Radiation by

simple means and actions. Your exposure to EMF Radiation should be metered both by the levels of EMF Radiation and the length of the exposure.

In this section of the site, we will cover ways and simple actions that can be performed by you in order to minimize your exposure to EMF Radiation.

If you want to reduce your exposure to EMF Radiation you need to do the following:

General steps:

  1. Minimize the use of RF radiation emitting devices like mobile and cordless phones.
  2. Move all EMF Radiation sources as far as possible away from you and from places you sleep in, stay in and work in.
  3. Keep away from Electromagnetic Radiation sources.
  4. Use and EMF Radiation meter to find EMF Radiation sources and penetration points, to understand their emission and to make sure the steps you take actually reduce your exposure

Specific steps:

  1. Use an Air Tube earpiece or the speaker function, When using the mobile phone.
  2. Turn off WIFI and 3G/4G Data connection on your smartphone. Turn if ON only for few minutes when you must and turn it OFF after you stop surfing.
  3. Remove any DECT devices (cordless phones, baby monitors).
  4.  If you have a Wi-Fi computer communication (router, PCs, and laptops), use it only when there is no other choice and turn it off when not in use.
  5. Install a wired computer network, to limit the use of your wireless network.
  6. Unplug all electronic and electric home appliance from the power, when not in use (will also save some electricity).
  7. Stay away from people who use mobile phones, when they use them.
  8. Don’t use mobile phones in elevators, underground parking lots, cars, buses, trains, basements.  
  9. Don’t stay long in place in which there is a lot of EMR.

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