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Radio Frequencies Radiation Protection

Using Radio Frequency(RF) emitting devices in
side a protected area should be avoided! 

RF shielding should be used to keep the RF from outside entering your house, 
If you use RF emitting devices inside the shielded house you risk that the RF will bounce back from the shielding. 
Therefore, when RF shielding is used, 
we believe you should not use any wireless devices inside the shielded area.

DIY EMF/EMR shielding should be done only by those 
who have the knowledge and on their own responsibility

Preview to RF(Radio Frequencies) protection products and techniques

In this page, we will review several products and ways to block non-ionizing Electromagnetic radiation in radio frequencies, also known as RF EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation)  In RF EMR, as the frequency is higher it is easier to block the EMF/EMR. Please remember that blocking and protection is the last step and before applying it you need to eliminate all RF sources in your house and conduct several RF EMF/EMR measurements in the house to identify the sources outside the house causing the high levels inside the house. If, for example, your neighbor is using an RF emitting device, I suggest trying to talk him out of using the RF device (at least try to) before trying to block it be applying RF blocking paint on the wall between your and his apartments.

Few basic principles in RF Protection:

  1. Protection is done after measurements, and after removing all RF sources from inside the soon to be protected area.
  2. You need to measure the RF radiation before, while and after applying the protection.
  3. Before applying protection, find the penetration points of the RF to the area.
  4. We will always try to protect from the outside to the inside, in layers.
    First the windows, then the walls, then the bed, then the body. 
  5. Inside the house, RF protection that is a reflective (like RF Protection paint, or metal mosquito net) will create some reflections. So we will prefer "soft" protection on the windows, like film and curtains, and absorbing Wallpaper on the walls. 
  6. In case that we have a high level of RF coming from the window, and one layer of protection is not enough, we will use two layers. For example film+curtains.
  7. In case that we have a high level of RF coming from the walls, and one layer of protection is not enough, we will use two layers. For example, we can use 2 layers of paint and then cover it with absorbing wallpaper. 

Video: RF Protection

RF blocking fabrics

There are several manufacturers of RF blocking fabrics. I am not familiar with any ELF blocking fabrics. As explained before on this site, while it is easy and cheap to block RF  EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) it is very complex and expensive to block ELF.

I tried several types of RF blocking fabrics and each one was different in the frequencies it can block and to the extent, it can do so. If you want to buy these fabrics, first try to get the characteristic charts of the fabric so you can see which frequencies it can block and to what extent.


Click here to view a video on SHIELDON(C) RF blocking fabrics...

Click here to view a video on YSHIELD(C) RF blocking fabrics...

Shieldon fabrics

Picture – shieldon© fabrics


I use these fabrics mostly as a cheap and portable way to block RF from penetrating office walls so I will be protected at my work (as much as possible). It can be applied to the wall and then removed, fairly easily, if needed. It is possible to get these fabrics in different colors so it will be similar to the wall's original color. I also carry these fabrics with me when traveling and use them when staying in hotels. Some of the fabrics are see-through and can be used as curtains or as bed canopies.

Click here to buy and for more details about RF blocking fabric on

RF blocking fabric applied over an internal wall

Picture – office wall protected with RF blocking fabric

RF blocking paint

Some building materials (like concrete) block up to 90% of the RF  EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation, for internal walls the RF blocking wallpaper is more recommended- see below). For other material that doesn't block RF as good as concrete, or for cases that the RF levels are so high that some of it manage to pass the walls of your house and get into the rooms, it is possible and recommended to use carbon-based RF blocking paint.

RF protection paint can be applied on internal or external walls (The paint is a reflecting paint so it is more recommended to use on external walls). The paint itself is a conductor and if applied correctly (and when grounded) will create a barrier that will block most ( more than 90%, depending on the type and brand of the RF blocking color and the frequency of the RF EMR) of the RF coming into your home. The price of these paints is usually expensive but this is a solution that will last for years. The color is usually black but you can paint over it with any color you like.

The paint should be applied to all the external walls of the house (from inside or outside). It is also possible to use the paint on the ceiling. If you live in an apartment building, you should also find a way to block RF EMR coming from the floors below and above you and from apartments beside you. Sometimes it is sufficient to apply it only on the wall facing the external RF radiation source.

Click here for more details about RF blocking paint on

YSHIELD RF protection paint

Picture – RF blocking Paint

None of the available paints were tested by me up to this moment, but I hope to do it soon. Other people reported that carbon paint is very good and it does the job.

I don’t think it will be wise to apply this paint (or any other RF blocking technique) on your home's walls and then to use wireless or cellular equipment inside the house. 

RF blocking wallpaper

The RF blocking wallpaper is an elegant way to protect walls. It needs no grounding, and the wallpaper should be painted over with regulating paint. The smooth side should be glued to the wall and the other side painted.

Click here for more details about RF blocking wallpaper on

RF blocking with Aluminum Mosquito net

This is the cheapest way to block RF radiation. It may not work in blocking all the frequencies but it is a cheap, first aid solution. Should be also very effective in blocking RF radiation from smart meters (on an inside of the meter wall). The disadvantage of the Aluminum Mosquito net is that it blocks all most 100% of the radiation from both sides, meaning that if you have an RF radiation source inside your house the radiation will be redirected inside again by the reflective net. In some cases installing the net on a metal frame (should be proper engineered so it will not fall and hurt anyone) a short distance from the opening (20-50cm), outside the protected house, might reduce the "redirection inside" and  the "low reception" issue, while still giving some RF protection from the radiation coming from outside the protected area. In any case, the net should be used with extreme care and RF tests should be done before and after. To be used when you can't afford proper, professional RF protection materials.

RF Protection using mosquito net

RF protection on a windows using an aluminum mosquito net

In the pictures above - RF protection on a windows 
using an aluminum mosquito net (by Or Winshtein)

RF blocking canopies and mats

If you are surrounded by RF EMF/EMR even in your bedroom you might want to use this product. The RF blocking canopies are very expensive but they will allow you to sleep in an RF free environment even if your bedroom has some RF EMR.

Coupled with an RF blocking carpet, to block the RF coming from below floors and apartments, the canopies will block most of the RF and will leave a clean RF free environment inside it.

Please never use RF source inside the canopy, this may result in exposure to high levels of RF EMR.

The canopies are made from an RF blocking Net cloth that allows fresh air to penetrate the canopy.

Click here for more details about RF blocking canopies on

For the Video review of the RF blocking canopy and map press here...

Click here for more details about RF blocking canopies on

RF blocking canopy

Picture – RF blocking Paint

RF blocking floor mat

Picture - RF blocking Floor Mat

RF blocking window's film

When there is a cellphone antenna or another RF source outside your window, even if more than a mile away, still some levels of RF EMF/EMR are entering your house via your windows. In order to block this radiation from coming into your home, you can apply an RF blocking window's film over your windows. The film will block about 98% of the RF radiation. The window will be partially transparent after the installation. It will look like a mirror from the outside of the house, at daylight.

Some of the regular anti-sun window films will also block some of the RF radiation coming from the outside of the house, but usually, the RF blocking film will do a better job.

The installation can be done by you, but I recommend of getting some professional installation service in order to avoid air bubbles.

There is no need to ground the film.

Click here for more details about RF blocking window's film on

Link to a video about the RF blocking window's film...

Click here for more details about RF blocking window's film on

RF blocking window's film

Picture – RF blocking Paint

RF blocking window's curtains

Another way to stop the RF radiation from coming into your house via the windows is to install RF blocking curtains. there are several types of fabrics used for these curtains. each type of curtain has different characteristics. The biggest advantage of these curtains is that they can be taken off the walls, washed and re-installed in a different location (in case of moving to a new apartment).

RF blocking curtain

Picture - RF blocking curtain

RadBlocker Microwave © (RF) blocking kit 

I don’t like microwave ovens. They warm and cook food really quickly but it is not exactly cooking and it warms the food using microwave (2.4 GHz RF radiation) radiation. Microwave ovens use ~500W microwave tubes that transmit very strong 2.4GHz RF/WM radiation.  Most of the RF/WM is blocked by the oven’s cover and door but still high levels of RF EMR (similar to the levels that are emitted from a GSM cellphone) are emitted from the door while the oven is working and even if and when it is 100% OK.

Link to video about RF radiation emitted from a microwave oven...

If you still want to use your microwave please never look inside the oven and be sure to leave the room when the microwave oven is working. When my wife uses that microwave oven (about once a month) she leaves the kitchen room and I leave the house. The only use we still do with the microwave oven is to sterilize the baby's dishes and to make instant popcorn.

The best way to block most of the RF radiation emitted from a microwave ovens door and sides is to put it in a built-in wooden cabinet and to cover the sides and door of the cabinet with RF blocking material (leave some space for air for cooling).

If you don't have a built-in wooden cabinet you can try and put RF blocking film or wallpaper on the micro-ovens' door.

If you would like to purchase RF blocking wallpaper please contact us and we will try to help...

RF radiation emitted from microwave oven

Picture – RF radiation emitted from a microwave oven

Please see more info about EMF/EMR protection, blocking and shielding on this site