Electromagnetic Radiation(EMF/EMR) Protection, Shielding & Blocking

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Protect, Shield and block Electromagnetic Radiation(EMF/EMR)

When there is a need to protect yourself and your surrounding area using technical equipment.

Protection from EMF(Electromagnetic Frequencies Radiation, also known as Electromagnetic Radiation -EMR) is the fourth step. 

When you can't reduce, and when the only option left is protection, this option should be you may need to protect.

As far as RF radiation protection, in some of the case it is possible to learn, measure, order the materials and install the protection yourself (DIY).

When the Protection is complexed, such as in the case of ELF magnetic fields and some of the cases of RF, it is best to get the help and service of professional installers. 

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Radiation shielding is a very complex subject and its application must be made after consideration of all possibilities and elements. Especially when it comes to protection and shielding for EHS people it must be understood that the protection will not help in all conditions and not with everyone. In some cases, wrong EMF Radiation protection can also lead to injury and damage. For example, using Radiation emitting equipment within the protected space is not clever and in some cases can cause serious problems. For these reasons and more, protection is always the last step, when there is no other choice.

Before installing EMF Radiation Protection you need to measure the 
EMF Radiation and to find all sources and penetration points.

Using Radio Frequency(RF) emitting devices inside
a protected area should be avoided! 


RF shielding should be used to keep the RF from outside entering your house, 
If you use RF emitting devices inside the shielded house you risk that the RF will bounce back from the shielding.  Therefore, when RF shielding is used,
we believe you should not use any wireless devices inside the shielded area.

DIY EMF/EMR shielding should be done only by those 
who have the knowledge and on their own responsibility

Preview to EMR/EMF Protection 2015

Today you can find many protection devices and materials that claim to protect you from Electromagnetic Frequencies Radiation (EMF, also known as Electromagnetic Radiation - EMR). In this section of www.norad4u.com web site, we will report our views on products that we tried. As an Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive person (EHS) I can tell when a product helps me just after a few days and I will gladly share my views on these products that helped me along the way. Please note that every EHS person is different and can be sensitive to different types and frequencies of EMF Radiation. Therefore some products and techniques that worked for one EHS person will not work for all. Therefore when you use protection you must use it wisely, you need to measure the EMF Radiation levels before and after the installation and to understand the way the protection effects you and your surrounding. For example, it would be a mistake to protect your house for RF radiation and then use a wireless device inside it. 

We hope to serve both the readers, who are seeking protection products and materials, as well as the people and companies that manufacture and sell these products. We hope these products will help other people, and we hope that these people will help the manufactures to develop and create more protection products and to increase awareness of the health effect caused by EMF Radiation.

My first and only allegiance is to the true reports of my experience of using these products as an EHS person.

When and why to protect and block EMF/EMR

There is electromagnetic radiation all around us. When we are at work, when we are on the go and when we are at home. It is very important to live, sleep and work in an electromagnetic radiation-free environment. Some people can feel the electromagnetic radiation which affects their lives every day. All people, especially Electromagnetic Hypersensitive people, should try to minimize their exposure to electromagnetic radiation when possible.

The house you live in protects you from wind and rain, sun and cold. Some of the building materials blocks and protects from some types and frequencies of EMF Radiation but not all materials and not all types and frequencies. In more houses today, you can find various types of electromagnetic radiation sources. Some of them emit electromagnetic radiation all the time. Even if you deal and solve all the issues with all the electromagnetic radiation sources within the house, there still a possibility that your house is being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from the outside. Sometimes it is a Low-frequency electromagnetic radiation source, like a high voltage electric wires, that go next to your house. Sometimes it is a high-frequency electromagnetic radiation source across the street or in your neighbored house, like a mobile phone mast or DECT cordless phone, and in some cases, it is both.

EMF/EMR measurement Before blocking or protection

EMF measurement before EMF protection

In order to chose the right protection, first, you need to measure the radiation and identify the sources, penetration points and frequencies that are needed to be blocked. Only then you can select the right solution and protection.

Link to the EMR measurement page on this site...
Home use EMF / EMR Meters and Detectors

Correct installation

After choosing and buying the right EMF Radiation protection, it is very important to install it the right way. In some ,cases you can do it by yourself, but be sure to follow all the installation guidelines and steps and also to measure the EMF Radiation levels before and after the installation is done.

Blocking and protection from Extreme Low Frequency EMR (ELF magnetic fields)

ELF protection
Low frequency electromagnetic radiation is very hard and expensive to block. Today there are several types of passive blocking material and active reduction systems for low frequency electromagnetic radiation but they are very expensive to buy and install. 

ELF blocking materials that can reduce the magnetic field to levels of 2 mG are available today on the market. The ELF EMR/EMF Radiation (low frequency electromagnetic radiation) blocking materials available today are metal and aluminum (or other types of metal) foils and plats that are applied one over the other. If you choose to protect your house from low frequency electromagnetic radiation it will cost you a lot and in some cases it will be cheaper to move. Most common ELF EMF Radiation sources in an apartment building are a big power transformer, an elevator motor or the building electric heating system and lots of electric cabinets and meters. In some cases it will be enough to protect one wall next to the room with the source, In some cases you will need to protect more than one wall, like in the case of a main building power room which will require the protection of all the inside walls of the power converters room so the ELF EMF Radiation will not be emitted to other rooms next by.

ELF EMF/EMR protection products

  1. ELF blocking foil
  2. ELF blocking metal plats
  3. ELF active protection system
  4. Dirty Electricity filters


Blocking and protection from High Frequency EMR (RF/WM)

RF window Protection
Compared with low frequency electromagnetic radiation, high frequency electromagnetic radiation is very directional and it is relatively easier to block and protect from. For example, in case that you have an RF or other high frequency radiation source (like a mobile phone mast) outside your apartment window, some of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from this electromagnetic radiation source will enter your apartment, mostly through the windows and sometimes even thought the walls and will expose you and your loved ones to RF electromagnetic radiation. In some cases even if you can’t see the source, the radiation from it still reaches your windows and enter through the glass and walls to your home. In order to block the RF EMR from entering the windows, you can cover the windows with a see through RF blocking foils.


RF Protection CutrainsConcrete, blocks, breaks and wooden walls all block some of the frequencies and some of the RF signals and lower the amplitude of the RF signal (usually when the frequency is higher blocks and bricks can block more of the RF radiation). Concrete walls, for example, will reduce the signal amplitude by 90%. In some extreme cases, or when using light building materials, the RF signal (sometime only some of its frequencies) will penetrate your walls and enter the house. When this happens you will be able to measure high frequency electromagnetic radiation in your house, next to the windows, walls and in the room itself (when there are no radiation sources inside the house). Most of the radiation will penetrate through the windows (see how to block it in the next paragraph) but some of it can also penetrate through the walls. In this case, there is a need to use RF blocking paint over the walls in addition to the see through RF blocking foils over the windows.

Personal RF Protection

RF personal protection

RF protection clothes and haאs will be the last line of defense, mostly used by EHS people. Only after making every attempt to lower the radiation level around you, or when you can not reduce it, it is logical to use RF protection Clothes and hats. The fabrics are usually expensive and so are the clothes.

Some people will also react to the metal in the fabric, so we advice to first try one item and only then but the all Woodrow. RF Protection clothes will not block all the RF from the surrounding, but should allow EHS people to stay in the environment for longer with less symptoms. 

RF protection products

    1. RF blocking fabrics
    2. RF protection clothes
    3. RF Protection hats and caps
    4. RF blocking paint
    5. RF blocking wallpaper
    6. RF blocking with Aluminum Mosquito net
    7. RF blocking canopies and mats
    8. RF blocking window's film
    9. RF blocking window's curtains
    10. RadBlocker Microwave © (RF) blocking kit 
EMR protection fleece

EMR protection fleece

Radiation in a house window
A see through EMR blocker  window cover

EMR protection hat