Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Does your head ache all day long?

Do you feel pain in side your head after using your cellphone, mobile-phone, smart-phone or cordless phone?
Do you have one or few of these symptoms?
Do you feel tired after using your wireless PC (desktop or laptop)?

Then you might be an Electromagnetic HyperSensitive (EHS for short) person!
Please read on!!!


EHS is a condition in which a person's body reacts to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) exposure with the appearance of physiological sensations and phenomena. In today's world about 10% are EHS but only 3% know that they are.  Our view and opinion on EHS (based on our own knowledge and experience with EHS persons) is that EHS is a physical condition usually caused by a long term exposure to high levels (within today standards) of Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that over couple of months eventually cause the body to lose its strength and made it vulnerable to even very low levels of EMF. It is also possible that a person will become EHS after a very short exposure to very high levels of EMF.

Are you an EHS person?

If you get a headache whenever you talk with your cell phone or cordless phone, if you feel heat when exposed to EMR, then your might be an EHS person. 

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EHS acknowledgment in the world

EHS is only partiality recognized by some medical and scientific communities, however currently there is no consensus regarding the causes of EHS. These bodies acknowledge the suffering of EHS people but suggest that the cause is not the exposure to EMF.  Other groups, governments and scientific bodies fully acknowledge EHS as a disability caused by the exposure to EMF radiation. Courts around the world has started to acknowledge EHS individuals as disabled because of their EHS condition. 

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Studies about EHS

The first studies in this field were full with logic problems and errors because of wrong assumptions about EMF and EHS. These studies protocols were problematic in the why it exposed the subjects to different types of EMF when there was supposed to be no exposure. In most of these studies the subjects were asked if there was radiation exposure or not. 
Other studies, usually from last few years, are based on running objective medical tests on the subjects, before, during and after exposure and recording their medical index and parameters. These new studies found neurological and philological changes in the subjects when exposed. 

Testimonies and stories of EHS people

I hope to bring in this site stories and testimonies of EHS persons that are willing to share their experience with the world. The stories will be published on a the EHS stories page in this site.

The book "Black on White - Electro-Hypersensitivity - The Swedish Experience" brings more than 400 stories of EHS people from Sweden. 

Additional stories, testimonies and letters from EHS persons are available here: http://www.scribd.com/collections/3222035/Electrosensitivity

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Testimonies and stories of EHS people

In order to start cooping with EHS, we recommend following the "4 Steps Program"

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EHS Headaches

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