Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Do you have a headache all day long?

Do you feel pain inside your head after using your cellphone, mobile-phone, smart-phone or cordless phone?
Do you have one or a few of these symptoms?
Do you feel tired after using your wireless PC (desktop or laptop)?

Then you might be an Electromagnetic HyperSensitive (EHS for short) person!
Please read on!!!


EHS is short for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (also known as ES- Electro-Sensitivity, or "WIFI Allergy") is a condition in which a person's body reacts to man made Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR / EMF) with the appearance of physiological sensations and phenomenons.  You are usually not born with EHS. The condition is usually build over time and as the person exposure become longer and worse.

We estimate that today (2019), more then 30% can already feel the EMF radiation and there are on their way to become EHS. The First symptoms are usually headaches, heat sensation and tingling sensation on the skin next to where you hold or keep the phone or other wireless device. These first symptoms might appear while or shortly after using your own cell phone/smartphone or other wireless devices.  At first the symptoms disappear shortly after exposure ends. When the condition become more series, more symptoms appear, faster, in even lower exposure levels such as when in view of a cell tower, or few meters from a WIFI router or a person with a radiating smart phone.  Our estimation is that today about 10% of the public already suffer from mid to high level EHS. Our estimation is that as the exposure levels will increase in our wireless world, so will the number of EHS people. 

We regret to say that, but today most people who already suffer from their exposure to EMF are not aware that the cause for their symptoms is EMF exposure. Even when a person understand the connection he has to go through a long process in which doctors and professionals will tell him "it is not possible" and that "EMF radiation has no biological effect". This is caused because of misunderstanding of EHS in the wide and professional public. Some people and professionals even believe that the source of EHS is psychosomatic. These views are based on false personal opinion backed up by false exposure studies carried out mostly by psychiatrists who has no understanding of EHS and EMF, trying to prove that EHS is not real. In these false studies subjects were exposed again and again to RF radiation and shame exposure. The main 2 problems in these studies were that the sham exposure are not totally "radiation free", causing some exposure to RF and other types of EMF when there should be none, and that the recovery time between each cycle is too short, not allowing EHS subjects or recover from last exposure cycle and causing them the guess wrong if there was an exposure or not. 

Our opinions on EHS are based on our personal experience with dealing with EHS, and technically supporting EHS people around the world in their recovery process. It is also based on our understanding of the studies that were made about EHS. In out opinion EHS is a physical condition caused by exposure to several types of EMF. It can be caused because of short term exposure to high levels, or long term exposure to lower level, both much lower that today so called safety standards. Due to the exposure to EMF, the body slowly loses it's ability to sustain EMF exposure. At a certain point the body start to develop symptoms even when the exposure is much lower than the exposure to made it become EHS.   

The first steps of coping with EHS should be to stop the use of wireless devices and cellular equipment, to drastically reduce the person's EMF exposure, and to keep safety distance (of at least  1-2 meters) from electrical and electronic equipment. A basic tool in the process of coping with EHS is a fast EMF meter (electrosmog meter). 

Please see more info about coping with EHS on this page and in a special chapter.

In our opinion, even if there is no consensus about the cause, EHS suffering and disability has to be recognized world wide. 

Code for medical diagnostic - ICD-10-CM   W90.8XXA

Are you an EHS person?

If you get a headache whenever you talk with your cell phone or cordless phone, if you feel the heat sensation when exposed to EMR, then you might be an EHS person.

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Coping with EHS  - General Steps

There are no magic tricks or quick treatments that are going to make you none-EHS again. For those of you who want to really improve their condition, I recommend to first of all stop using your cellphone and other wireless devices! 

This is step number 1, and the most important - STOP THE USE OF CELL-PHONES AND WIRELESS DEVICES!!!

Then I recommend following the "4 step program". To learn about EMF, the different types of EMF (RFELFDirty Electricity) and the different sources. Next step would be to get a fast EMF meter that will allow you to "see" the radiation before it makes you feel bad. The meter will allow you also to find EMF sources, to keep safety distances, to see if exposure reduction or protection steps are reducing your exposure. Exposure reduction is the next general step, if you haven't done so yet, stop the use of smartphones and wireless devices. Use wired corded devices. Use wired internet, wire connect your tablets and phones to the net. Keep safety distances from ELF sources and stay away from wireless devices that emit RFR.  The last general step is to use protection, in case there is no other way to reduce the exposure. Use protection on your home, office, and Car. Use person protection and see if and how much it helps you cope better with EMF. 

Mental coping with the pain and suffering

In parallel, you need to find ways to cope with the mental side of EHS. Feeling a victim or a "poor guy" will not help and most likely cause your condition to become worse and worse. You need to try and remember the things you accomplished and not the pain or suffering. The whole way of looking at it should be as positive as possible. 

In addition and in parallel you can also try treatments, alternative medicine, and medical procedures to improve your mental or to ease the pain and symptoms. 
Remember that these do not come instead of the exposure reduction! 
Remember that most therapist and medical professionals today (2018) don't understand all about EHS. Remember this when they offer you long and expensive procedures.
A Therapist who is not willing to turn off his wireless devices in order to allow you a low EMF environment during the treatment, to my understanding, might not be the right one to treat EHS people. 

During the last few years since 2006, I guided many EHS people. I am sorry to say so but many of them turn to magic tricks and procedures that are supposed to make them feel better without reducing the usage and exposure first. Many people put their money and trust on magic stickers, energy bracelets, holograms, magic tricks, and others none measurable procedures. Some of them believe that they will be able to use their smartphones again. I am sorry to say but most of these people return to me after their condition becomes worse. Therefore I would like to remind you all one more time that the first step would be to stop using your cell phone and wireless devices. The next step would be to do the "4 step program". Only then do everything else. 

Please see more info at Handling EHS

EHS acknowledgment in the world

EHS is only partiality recognized by some medical and scientific communities, however, currently, there is no consensus regarding the causes of EHS. These bodies acknowledge the suffering of EHS people but suggest that the cause is not the exposure to EMF. Other groups, governments and scientific bodies fully acknowledge EHS as a disability caused by the exposure to EMF radiation. Courts around the world have started to acknowledge EHS individuals as disabled because of their EHS condition.

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Studies about EHS

The first studies in this field were full of logical problems and errors because of wrong assumptions about EMF and EHS. These studies protocols were problematic in the way it exposed the subjects to different types of EMF when there was supposed to be no exposure. In most of these studies, the subjects were asked if there was radiation exposure or not. In some studies the recovery time between exposures is too short and the researches expect the EHS subjects to react as an ON OFF switch and identify whether there is or isn't radiation right away (for most EHS people it takes minutes for the symptoms to appear and few hours to disappear). 
Other studies, usually from last few years, are based on running objective medical tests on the subjects, before, during and after exposure and recording their medical index and parameters. These new studies found neurological and philological changes in the subjects when exposed. 

Testimonies and stories of EHS people

I hope to bring in this site stories and testimonies of EHS persons that are willing to share their experience with the world. The stories will be published on a the EHS stories page in this site.

The book "Black on White - Electro-Hypersensitivity - The Swedish Experience" brings more than 400 stories of EHS people from Sweden. 

Additional stories, testimonies and letters from EHS persons are available here: http://www.scribd.com/collections/3222035/Electrosensitivity

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In order to start coping with EHS, we recommend following the "4 Steps Program"

For EMF metersRF protection hatsRF protection clothing and home/office EMF protection, please visit www.4EHSByEHS.com.

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