No Rad's 4 Steps program

The 'No Rad's 4 steps program' is a system I have developed over the years as an EHS person. The program helped me and others to get back in control over our lives. If you follow the steps you will be able to dramatically reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation(EMF/EMR) and to reduce the side effects of this exposure has over you, mainly reduce the pain. In any case, this program will allow you to live a more healthy lifestyle. 

The 4 steps program is a guide and does not cancel out seeing a doctor to go over all kinds of medical tests, just in case your condition is caused by other known pathological reasons (it might).

The steps of the "No Rad's 4 steps program":



Know - Acquire knowledge and understanding of radiation, its types and sources is very important.



Monitor Monitor the radiation levels in your surrounding will allow you to control it.



Reduce Reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation and minimizing the use of EMF/EMR emitting devices will help to minimize the effect EMF/EMR will have over you. 



Protect - When there is a need, protect yourself and your surrounding area using technical equipment.

The 4 steps are covered in this web site.

Please also see Step By Step EMF Exposure Reduction Guide, Step By Step EMF Measurement Guide.

For EHS persons - Please also read the following article Handling EHS.
After doing these steps, and getting back in control of your life you can continue to search for other ways to get better like finding an expert dentist that will take out your amalgams fillings, test your body for mercury or other heavy metal poisonings, change your diet, taking food supplement and other ways. The road to full recovery is long and can take years, so you better start it ASAP. "No Rad's 4 steps program" will allow you to get better fast and to ease your long way to full recovery.

Please also see Handling EHS

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Good luck!