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My nick name is "UGOLD"

I used to have a cell phone since the nineties.

I was talking without an earpiece at the first years when I used the phone.

After few years, I started to feel a very strange feeling of fatigue, concentration problems, and even depression.  At first, I thought this has a connection with some other areas. Then articles started to published regarding to the connection between RF radiation and danger to the human body and to all the other bad health effects.

I decided to stop using my cell phone for several days, and the relief was almost immediate. After I restarted to use the cell phone again, I was able to actually feel the bad influence physically.

I am electro sensitive (ES/EHS) and today I can feel and tell whether radiation is present or not. When I moved to my new apartment, I had to cover my windows with a special sticker which blocks RF radiation from coming into the room, because radiation from a close cell antenna was really annoying me.

My ES/EHS is not psychologically. The feeling is actually physical and causes headaches.

Please, be aware of electromagnetic radiation, it is really harmful our biological system.



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