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Robert (BEAR) VanEchaute

To All

   As a person who has been ill for over ten years because of a traumatic brain injury caused by a cell phone, I am getting very frustrated by being ignored.  I don't think I am ill because of a cell phone, I know I am, and if given the chance to present my case to a jury I know they would come away knowing the truth.

  Everyone thinks I am just being hysterical, but this isn't the case. I had been using my cell phone to talk to my wife for hours at a time.  I also used it to conduct business while out on the road. Altogether I put between 2000 to 3600 min. a month on that phone. The cell phone would get very hot, I didn't realize what I was doing to myself until I began to get headaches shortly after my long conversations with my wife.  Even then I didn't put two and two together until I began to get headaches while on the phone. It was during one of my conversations at home that this happened and I realized my phone was causing my headaches.

   I didn't stop using the cell phone instead I saw a place for a headset and thought that would help, instead it made it worse.   I have suffered for ten years now, and when I go down the check list of TBI ( ) symptoms I can check off just about every one.

   I am so tired of not being taken serious, the knowledge of my experience is going unheard, and the pain of knowing this information should be saving lives. Instead the world goes on trusting the ridiculous assumption that if it doesn't heat up there can be no harm.

  The effects of microwave radiation on life forms has been known since 1929 when Edison paid a scientist from Albany Med. Center to do experiments on monkeys. I can't remember her name I just know the information is there if you look hard enough. Why is it so hard to believe my injury is real when something as simple as a loud blast from an air horn can cause a traumatic brain injury. I could go on and on but I think I have made my point, I may still go on being ignored, but I will not give up until I am heard.

 Robert (BEAR) VanEchaute

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