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Are you aware of the health risk of non-ionizing EMF radiation? Do you feel headaches and other symptoms when exposed to EMF Radiation? Do you want to learn more about EMF? Do you want to measure EMF Radiation? Do you want to learn how to minimize your EMF Radiation exposure? Do you want to learn how to  protect your house, office and yourself from EMF Radiation?

 If the answer to one of these questions it "YES", then 
 you are in the right place! 

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Bad Standards

Safety standards & recommendations

How does Non-protective EMF exposure standards make it possible and legal to expose the public to high levels of EMF?  

Bad Measurements

Bad Measurments

What are the problems in official/Pro  EMF/EMR surveys that allow them to be used to cover up the health risk of EMF exposure? 


List of studies

 List of studies showing possible mechanism in which EMF affects biological systems

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Are you an EHS person? What is EHS? How to cope with EHS?

EMF Knowledge


EMF Meters

Fast, informative, inexpensive, home use EMF/EMR meters

Exposure Reduction

Exposure Reduction

How to reduce your
exposure to EMF



Our guides for Step By Step EMF Exposure Reduction GuideStep By Step EMF Measurement GuideEHS Self Diagnosis,Handling EHS4 Steps program 


cellular antennas

What are cellular antennas, masts, towers, and repeaters? How does the personal use effects them and how to cope with them.


The deployment of WIFI in schools around the world and the use of wireless and mobile devices in classrooms continues, as kids and stuff start to react.

Smart & Radiating meters

The deployment of wireless smart meters continues around the world while the reports of health effects accumulate. 

Cell phone
cellphone radiation

which types of EMF are emitted while using the smartphone? For how long? How far? How can I reduce it?


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 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity(EHS)
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity(EHS)
KnowledgeStep By Step Guides


EMF Sources

EMF/EMR Monitoring






 EMF / EMR Science 

Video page on www.norad4u.com

Questions and answers


Most recommended EMF Radiation meters

When ordering EMF Radiation meters in this site, and from our store site, you get a detailed user manual, video and written info about EMF Radiation types, standards and recommendation, testing techniques , radiation reduction and free email support, in order to allow you quick learning of using the meter, while getting from it relevant outcomes, uncovering problems, taking steps to reduce exposure, choosing the right way to protect, testing a tracking the radiation levels in your house/office/workplace. 



EMF/EMR radiation detection and measuring 

Blogs and web activities outside this web site

site which is one of the biggest EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) knowledge base on the internet today (2014) . This site aims to bring you lots of info about EMF/EMR, EMF monitoring measuring and testing, Exposure reduction and EMF protection. In addition, we bring a lot of info about Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity(EHS) an acquired physiological condition which is caused by short term exposure to high EMF Radiation levels or long term exposure to low levels of the EMF Radiation and which is becoming the epidemic of the 21 century.  The site's motto is "Know (what EMF Radiation is), Monitor(EMF Radiation levels, find EMF Radiation sources), Reduce(Your exposure) & Protect(if there is no other choice)". We have created this page in order to make it easier for you to navigate in the site which includes lots of info, text, pictures, and videos. Please see below links to the main pages of this site. 

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