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Take Back Your Power is a documentary film that will inform you about the deployment of radiating smart meters and what it can cause. Wireless Smart meters emit a high level of RF-EMF radiation every couple of seconds. All around the world people have been reporting health issue caused by the meters while the governments' and energy companies officials continue to say that the meters are 100% safe. Take Back Your Power (TBYP) is a documentary about the deployment of radiating smart meters, about the people suffering, about the struggle against the deployment of this RF emitting device. Radiation exposure is not the only risk in smart meters, there is also a security risk(hacking into the meters and the so-called smart electric grid), privacy-data mining issue (use of the data accumulated by the meters on the consumer), fire risk (as the new electronic meters tend to cause fires) and excessive billing (paying more on what you get and paying on energy you did not consume).

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