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DECT Phone

RF EMR level next to a DECT base station

 High electric field near a DECT base station.
 A DECT phone next to the bedA DECT phone on the desk

DECT phones base station emits RF Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) all the time (24X7) that they are plugged in to the electricity. Next to the DECT base station the EMR levels are very high (several watts per square meter), and they drop as you move away from it. So the worst thing to do is to put it next to where you sleep or stay. Over the last few years I meet several people that used to put the DECT base station near their bedside or on the desk in their work station.

DECT phone head set can work up to 300 meters from their base station and the base station can support several extensions.  DECT phones base station radiate with their max possible output power all the time since they don't have a smart power management and since the base station doesn't know how far its extensions are at.

Today you can find a DECT phone in every house since you don't have to be an electronic engineer to operate a DECT phone, so everyone use them and they can be found at almost every home. People buy it in the store, bring it home, connect it to the power line and to the phone line and it immediately start to work and to emit EMR. When you have a DECT phone in your house you have an RF EMR source working all the time in your house. In addition to the base station RF EMR is emitted also from the headset when in use (talking) just like any other cordless phone. You won't find a warning label on the phone, package or in the manual. In some phones you will find a small warning that you should not get to close to the base station, but that is all.

DECT phones give you very good "reception", grate sound quality and the fallibility of a cordless phone, but does it worth all the radiation it  emits in the middle of your home?


  •  When possible use a corded phone.
  •  If you need a cordless phone get one that it's base station does not emit radiation all the time.
  •  If you already have a DECT phone try moving its base station to the far corner of the house, where no one will be directly exposed to the radiation it emits.
  •  In addition every cordless phone handset also emits RF EMR, similar to those that a mobile phone emits. So please try to limit the time you spend on the cordless phone.

DECT phone video:

I hope that people who watch this video will move their DECT phone base station away as possible and will use them as least as possible, maybe even unplug them.

In this clip you can see that electromagnetic radiation is being emitted from DECT cordless phones' base station even when the phone is in standby mode. People buy these phones and put them right next to their bed or couch unknowingly exposing themselves to electromagnetic radiation. The EMR is being emitted from the DECT phones' base stations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will find no warning about this issue on the package of the DECT phone when you buy it

In the past there were no ECO DECT phones to be found in the US and Canada. Lately SIEMENS presented several models to North america customers at:

You can always order from EU or other countries and risk that some of the options will not work in the US or Canada.

A second think you can do is go to several stores and search for cordless phone that does not have the "DECT" logo or technology, then you need to test the phones with an RF meter and make sure the phone base station does not emit RF radiation all the time.

In general, some of the old cordless phones, that does not support several handset units and work with 27Mhz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz may prove to be "low radiation".



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