TV shows, interviews and reports related to EHS and EMF/EMR

Jeromy Johnson - Wireless Wake-up call - TEDx Berkeley 

a 15 minute talk about the wireless era and the possible health effect.

Jolie Jones interview with Professor Olle Jhansson about EHS and EMF

Lloyd Morgam - Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Dr. David O. Carpenter - Bio-Effect or Elctro-Smog

Dr. Martin Blank - EMF & DNA

Dr. Devra Davis - The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation

Teaser "Where can we live?"

Eira Film production about the life of EHS people. Expected to come out at 2013.

The Gardian - 03/2013 - "Electrosensitivity - Is technology killing us"

BBC Inside Out South - 25/02/2013 Electrosensitivity 'Wifi Refugees'

News 4 - Study finds cell phones increase brain activity

YouTube Video

16X9 - WiFi in schools - 2010

BBC Panorama - Wi-fi a warning signal  2008

What are the safety standards of RF - part1

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