Music and Art related to EMF/EMR and EHS

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On this page, you can find music and arts related to Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity(EHS)and  Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR).
I think music and art are great ways to promote an idea and pass a message. So if you create or know about such Music clips and other arts related to EHS and EMF/EMR, tell us (contact us on...) and we will consider adding it to this page.

A video from Moby "Are you lost in the world like me?" 

Quit Zone 

2015 | 14 min

Quite Zone

"Your Cell Phone's Been Nuking Your Johnson" 

Written & Recorded by Ridiculous Meep featuring Murray B White.  

Also from this artist:

  • Smart Meters Suck   

    Written and sung by Anonymous Possum 007
    Slide show by Sandi Maurer,

    Landlines - Bie Erenurm

    You’ve got the power – produced by Cheek to Cheek 

    for Teslamania in celebration of Tesla’s birthday.

    Lyrics:  Magda Havas
    Music Composition, Production and Instrument Design:  Don Garbutt
    Video Animation:  Jason Quitt

    Allergic To 20th Century- Kim Palmer

    From the video preview text on youtube: "Kim passed away Oct 23 2006 after her MCS illness finally got the best of her. Please visit to learn more about her battle against MCS".

    Bravo! to the American Academy of Pediatrics and Tom Wheeler!

    Tumor - a short film

    A short film about a vision that a person has about him losing his girlfriend because of a tumor that was caused by her constant use of a cellphone.

    The cellphone song - by NZtrillion

    Link to youtube page:

    The Electro Soup - by Serge-André

    Serge-André is an artist-musician and an EMR awareness activist from Canada
    This is his comic song (French + English subtitles).

    Smart Meter song  -  written by Sharka and Shane Griffo

    The following text is from youtube: "Song called "Intimidation" also known as "Smart Meter Plan". Song was written by Sharka and Shane Griffo. Lyrics were co-written by Brian Clarke. 
    Film clip co-produced by David Thomas.
    Amazing animating by John Goodwin. Beautiful background art by Kari Kroll.
    Thanks to everyone whose work appears on this clip."


    A song by,  Consuelo Cañada Fuentes , an artist that suffers from MCS, EHS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue