EMF / EMR Monitoring, Measurement, Detection & Testing

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Monitor EMF Radiation 
Monitoring (measuring, detecting and testing EMF/EMR) is the second step in handling EMF and its' effects. without measurement the understanding of EMF is very limited and nero, and the exposure reduction becomes a guessing game. Without measurements there will be no way to predict or monitor changes in the exposure levels. Monitoring (measurement, detecting, and testing) the radiation levels in your surrounding will allow you to control it.  Since Electromagnetic Radiant (EMF/EMR) can't be see and have no smell, you can't touch it and even EHS people don't feel it right a way, measurement is usually the only way to know that it's there, to record the levels, to find the sources and penetration points, to improve our understanding of EMF, to reduce exposure, to find safety distances and to test that the protection we use is working.

EHS people are not an EMF meter

Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people will feel EMF radiation in most cases, but usually, the symptoms will appear at  some delay. There for EHS people are not EMF meter and also need to use an EMF meter as a robastic objective method of measuring the radiation.

The Only way to "see" EMF

Without measurement there is no deep understanding of EMF , and the chances for doing the right steps is lower.  The only way to “see” Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Frequencies(EMF) Radiation is by measuring the levels of different types of EMF.

2 ways to measure EMF

Measuring EMF is possible by to methods:
1. Getting the help of a professional tester
2. DIY - ordering a fast EMF meter and doing the measurements yourself. 

Professional Tester

If you chose option one, I suggest you make sure that the tester is not obligate to work according to the very high ICNIRP so called safety standards and measurement protocols. These will cause their meter to be have very slow sampling rate (very bad for RF) and for the outcomes of the test to be "all OK" with "very low" levels, and misleading if you already holding the opioning that EMF exposure is not healthy and/or suffering from EHS.  Check with the tester, before ordering his service that he is using fast EMF meters (high sampling rate, higher than 1000 per second), show and record peak levels, and give a informative report with level down to 0.00001 uW/m2. 

DIY EMF Measurement

Doing the measurement yourself using a fast EMF meter will be the best way to improve your knowledge, better understand EMF, finding the source, keeping safety distances, finding penetration points, and seeing if your EMF protection really works. I believe that DIY EMF testing is the best way to test the EMF levels in the house and to handling EMF problems before any damage is done. I will emphasise again that in order to measure RF radiation in the best way, in order to find and identify RF sources (WIFI routers, smartphones, wireless laptops and tablets) and penetration points you will need a fast (high sampling rate) RF Meter that sample the RF levels thousand of times every second. a slow RF meter will not be able to "see" the low duty cycle home and personal use RF sources such as smartphone, tablets, laptops, WIFI routers, bluetooth devices and other wireless devices. A fast EMF meter is a basic "must have" tool in the hand of every EHS person. A fast EMF meter can serve you several years in countless times and occasions, where and when there is a need.  We currently (2019) recommend the very simple to use ENV RD10 or the numeric EMF meter the CORNET ED88TPLUS.

On the market today you can find even cheaper meters, usually from china, but they will not be suitable for home use, mainly because of low sampling rate of 2-10 times per second (same problem in some of the more professional meters that are build according to ICNIRP requirements). As I noted before measure a low duty cycle signals from WIFI routers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices require very high sampling rate that these cheap china made meter lack. 

 Our most recommended EMF Radiation meter - CORNET ED88TPLUS

 Other home use EMF meters 

EMF Meters

Today, in your house there could be many EMF/EMR source, waiting to be discovered. These sources can emit dangerous levels of radiation, both on high (RF) and low frequencies (ELF), without you knowing about it. I think that measuring the levels of EMF/EMR in your house is an absolute must. I also recommend to repeat the measurement several times and on different times and different days so receive a good picture of the real radiation levels, and once in a while to discover new sources of radiation within and from outside the house.

In this section of the site, we will review methods and whys to measure EMF/EMR, we will review different meters that are available on the market, and we will report about measurements we did (text, pictures, and videos). 

Please note

It is important to remember that in front of a cell phone mast, or in other test environments there are sometimes many sources of EMF/EMR in different frequencies, and the meter can usually measure only the highest level but can't measure or calculate all (read more about it in the Professional EMR tester page).

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Home use EMF/EMR meters

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EMF safety standards & our

ENV RD-10 EMF Meter

ELF from LCD Screen

picture - measuring ELF EMF/EMR from a LCD TV

RF from WIFI Access Point
picture - measuring RF electric field from a WIFI router

ELF from PC Speakers
picture - measuring ELF EMF/EMR from a PC speaker


RF from GSM Phone
picture - measuring RF electric field from a GSM mobile phone

RF from DECT Phone
picture - measuring RF EMF/EMR from a DECT cordless phone

ELF from Electronic Equipment
picture - measuring ELF EMF/EMR from a video distributor device