EMF / EMR Monitoring, Measurement, Detection & Testing

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Monitor EMF Radiation 
- Monitoring (measurement, detecting, and testing) the radiation levels in your surrounding will allow you to control it.

Monitoring (measuring, detecting and testing EMF/EMR) is the second step.

Since you can't see Electromagnetic Radiant (EMF/EMR), you need to measure it in order to know that it's there. Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people will feel it in most cases, but usually, it would be too late for them since feeling EMF/EMR means to be in pain. 

The only way to “see” Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or Electromagnetic Frequencies(EMF) Radiation is by using an EMF/EMR meter. They are many types of meters for different frequencies and with different price tags. Some may cost from 30 US$ and some cost more than ten thousand US$.  In addition to taking money out of your wallet it is sometimes not easy to operate the meters and in some cases, the buyer will need to invest some time in learning to operate them in order to get real and accurate measurements.

 Our most recommended EMF Radiation meter - CORNET ED88TPLUS

 Other home use EMF meters 

EMF Meters

Today, in your house there could be many EMF/EMR source, waiting to be discovered. These sources can emit dangerous levels of radiation, both on high (RF) and low frequencies (ELF), without you knowing about it. I think that measuring the levels of EMF/EMR in your house is an absolute must.  I also recommend to repeat the measurement several times and on different times and different days so receive a good picture of the real radiation levels, and once in a while to discover new sources of radiation within and from outside the house.

In this section of the site, we will review methods and whys to measure EMF/EMR, we will review different meters that are available on the market, and we will report about measurements we did (text, pictures, and videos).

Please note

 It is important to remember that in front of a cellphone mast, or in other test environments there are sometimes many sources of EMF/EMR in different frequencies, and the meter can usually measure only the highest level but can't measure or calculate all (read more about it in the Professional EMR tester page).

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How to measure EMF/EMR (DYI)

home use EMR meters

Home use EMF/EMR meters

professional EMR tester

Pro EMF/EMR testers


EMF safety standards & our

ENV RD-10 EMF Meter

ELF from LCD Screen

picture - measuring ELF EMF/EMR from a LCD TV

RF from WIFI Access Point
picture - measuring RF electric field from a WIFI router

ELF from PC Speakers
picture - measuring ELF EMF/EMR from a PC speaker


RF from GSM Phone
picture - measuring RF electric field from a GSM mobile phone

RF from DECT Phone
picture - measuring RF EMF/EMR from a DECT cordless phone

ELF from Electronic Equipment
picture - measuring ELF EMF/EMR from a video distributor device