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WIFI in schools

WIFI wireless computer networks in classes

In classes and schools, there are a lot of electromagnetic radiation sources. In a classroom with a WIFI network and many laptops connected via the wireless network, the electromagnetic radiation levels can be very high, even if all the other EMR sources are turned off. The reason for that is the wireless WIFI router and the wireless connected laptops all emit high-frequency EMR. A child who sits in this classroom will be exposed to RF EMR emitted from all the laptops around him, and from the WIFI router. This is different from home WIFI use (also not recommended) in which the user is usually exposed to RF EMR only from his laptop and from the WIFI router. In addition, we have to remember that children are more sensitive to EMR and are more affected by it.

Wired network is the right way. 


The wireless computer network in class simulation

The following simulation tries to show how kids that will be present in a classroom with "only" 9 wireless PCs and a single wireless router will be exposed to multi frequencies (WIFI signal is spectrum spread) Radio Frequency radiation from multiple sources and from several directions. In reality kids that will be present in classes with wireless network will be exposed to multi frequencies RF radiation from the WIFI router and from many (20-40) wireless PCs, multi frequencies RF radiation from the kids' cell-phones (if permitted or if still ON), multi frequencies RF radiation from cell-phones' towers and other RF sources outside the class and to ELF magnetic fields from the electricity infrastructure. Again I remind you, the below simulation is for "only" 9 wireless computers and one wireless router.

Simulation of electromagnetic radiation in class

International report about WIFI in schools

Several international reports about the safety of WIFI in schools were published. The ones that found no risk, based their risk assumption on one single thing. In these reports, WIFI is considered safe if the levels of RF radiation that were measured were below the ICRNIP standard. The ICNIRP standard for RF signals above 2 GHZ is 1000uW/cm2. This is an extremely high level. The ICNIRP standard is for acute exposure only and it does not cover any biological, long term damage. ICNIPR is closed comity that has been promoting for a long time the approach that the only risk in RF radiation is in levels that cause heat. One of these reports is the HPA – HEALTH PROTECTION AGENCY and the second report was issued by INDUSTRY CANADA. The HPA has issued several reports in the past that reject the possible link between cancer and cellphone use. INDUSTRY CANADA relay of the Safety Code 6 issued by HEALTH CANADA which accepts the ICNIRP radiation (both RF and ELF) standards and does not accept any biological effect, change or damage caused by non-thermal levels of RF and ELF. INDUSTRY CANADA and HEALTH CANADA are responsible for approving the deployment of WiMAX, 4G cellphone network and smart radiation electric-meter and gas meters in CANADA, Both the HPA and HEALTH CANADA have repeatedly downgraded the risk of exposure to RF radiation.

If you take a look into the reports you will find that some of the RF levels that were measured were higher than levels that according to studies effect biological systems. For example in the HPA report the max level that was measured near a laptop was 2.2uW/cm2, and the level near the router was 8.7uW/cm2. In the  INDUSTRY CANADA reports the max level near a laptop was 2.34uW/cm2 and 106-77uW/cm2 next to the router.

The HPA report - agneticFields/WiFi/WiFiprojectreportonresultsSeptember2011/


WIFI in schools Non-Consent form

The following form is a “WIFI in schools non-consent form”. If you believe, like me, that RF EMR has some health effect and you don’t want your child to be exposed to RF EMR in school, you can fill in this form and send it to the relevant school. It might help to recruit several other parents for the task. If more and more WIFI Non-Consent forms are sent to schools the attention of this health issue caused by WiFi in schools will be much higher.

Additional info

In addition to the “WIFI Non-Consent form,” it is recommended to add scientific papers about this health effect of RF EMR and WIFI. Such a document is the “OPEN LETTER: Medical Officer of Health -- WiFi in Schools” that was written by Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D.,

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