Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR/EMF) Knowledge

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knowledge and understanding of radiation, its types and sources are very important and it is that base for all later activities, personal and public in the field of EMF / EMR. 

Knowledge is the first step in our "4 steps program" and the first step in coping with non-ionizing radiation and it's effects. In this section of the site, you will find knowledge about  EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation), it's types, sources, its health effects,  In this chapter you will find definitions and explanations for the basic terms in the EMF world. In this chapter  subpages, you will find additional info about these key basic terms, about cell towers, 5G, studies and more.

As far EMF radiation types are concerns we put extra emphasis on the following 3 types of EMF:

  1. RF Radiation (Radio Frequency) from cell phone and wireless infrastructure, wireless personal and home devices, alongside with military technologies. 

  2. ELF EMF from electric infrastructure and appliances. 

  3. Dirty Electricity noise - High frequency noise that is origin from electronic parts and devices and is carried over the electric line. 

On these and more see this page and the subpages.

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Non-ionizing radiation

"Non-ionizing radiation" is a Generic term that describes various types of radiation. Non-ionizing radiation as its name implies is electromagnetic radiation which is can not ionize the material (not taking electrons from their path around the atomic) through it passes.


EHS - Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity

A physical condition in which a person can feel Electromagnetic radiation, or when he experiences health and physical symptoms when exposed to different kinds of EMR. About 10% of the population is EHS (only 3% are aware of that). The basic symptoms of EHS are headaches, chronic fatigue, joint pain, memory problems, and more.

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EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation)

EMR or EMF is a general name of all types of Electromagnetic radiation.

MW or RF - "Microwave radiation" or "Radio Frequencies"

A general name for High-frequency electromagnetic radiation between 0.1 to 300 GHz. This radiation is emitted from all electronic wireless communication devices that are based on radio signals for example Radar, TV and radio broadcast, WIFI, wireless phones, mobile phones, Bluetooth, satellite communication, wireless communication systems, wireless point to point systems and more.

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Cellular radiation 

Cellular radiation is an RF radiation that is emitted from cellular devices (phones) and base stations (masts).

ELF - Extreme Low Frequencies

Electromagnetic radiation in extremely low frequency, around the 50 Hz which is emitted from electronic and electric devices, power lines, motors, electric and electronic transformers, electric appliances and more. Its intensity usually decreases significantly after a few meters, but it is very expensive and difficult to block it.

Dirty Electricity 

High-frequency noise that is created by electronic and none linear electric components. The noise is then being "moved" over the electric wires all around the house. Dirty Electricity is emitted from the electric wires and "covers" all the house. People that are exposed to high levels of Dirty Electricity react in different ways some experience EHS related symptoms, or neurological symptoms. 



Frequency is the number of times that a certain cycle phenomena accord in a single second. If for example I am clapping my hands, and I manage to do it 10 times in a single second (just imagine I could) then the frequency of my action would be 10 Hz. If I manage to do it 10000 times, then the frequency would be 10000Hz or 10KHz for short.
One way to tell apart different types of electromagnetic radiation is to note the frequency of it.  The meaning is to say in which frequency this radiation appears, how many times in one seconds there is an emission of EMR.

The number of cycles in a second of an electric signal is the signal's frequency.

1,000 = K = Kilo
1,000,000 = M = Mega
1,000,000,000 = G = Giga

Electric Field

One part of electromagnetic radiation. An electric field is created when there is a difference in electric potential between 2 points. 

Magnetic Field

The second part of electromagnetic radiation. A Magnetic field is created around an electric wire when an electric current is running via it.

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