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About us


Welcome to "No Radiation for You" ("NoRad4u" for short)

This site will include a lot of information about Electro-magnetic Hyper sensitivity (EHS) and Electro-magnetic Radiation (EMR), lots of videos and pictures, and a lot of personal stories of EHS persons. So please jump in, read a bit and send me your story (to be published). Comments will also be welcome.
The site is active since 01/2010

Our Vision 

Our vision is a world that is aware of the non-ionizing radiation(EMF- Electromagnetic Fields), EMF sources and the health risk that follows the exposure to EMF. A world that every wireless technology or product that is being developed takes into considerations the health risk of EMF exposure and make every effort to limit it to almost nothing. A world that acknowledges Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity as caused by EMF exposure (including all national and international health agencies. A world in which every attempt is done to limit public and individual exposure to EMF. A world in which everybody will know what is EMF, how to measure it, how to reduce exposure to it, how to protect himself from it and when he is becoming sensitive to it. A world in which the exposure to man mad EMF is getting smaller and smaller.

Short term target

To supply knowledge and measure to every person that already acknowledge EMF health kids, or is already EHS, so he/she will be able to measure, reduce exposure and protect from it.

Who, Why, What?

NoRad4u site brings you information about Electromagnetic Radiation and about the ways to protect yourself from it.

We, at NoRad4u, believe that Electromagnetic Radiation is harmful in many ways and that in today's world we are all exposed to it on a daily basis.

We, at NoRad4u are aware of the growing concerns from people all over the world regarding the dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and it's effect on our health and life.

We, at NoRad4u are sympathetic to Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive people.

Written by an EHS person, NoRad4u deals with Electromagnetic Radiation related issues and it’s different types and sources.

Our goal and aim on the NoRad4u team is to share our knowledge and experience with people around the world and to supply you with knowledge, tools, and means to monitor, reduce and protect, yourself and your loved ones from the exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.

Our motto is “Know, Monitor, Reduce, Protect”. 

Know - knowledge and understanding of radiation, its types and sources is very important.
Monitor - Monitor the radiation levels in your surrounding will allow you to control it.
Reduce - Reduce of your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation and your use of EMR emitting devices will help to minimize the effect EMR will have over you. 
Protect - When there is a need to protect yourself and your surrounding area using technical equipment.

The Team

  • No Rad - Amir Borenstein an EHS person, living in Israel.
  • Mustak- proofreading and legal advice.
  • Special thanks to Enrico Grani from www.stop-radiation.com for proofreading some of this site.
  • Claris B. - proofreading.

Please note that:

  • This site was not written by a medical doctor, a biologist, or an RF engineer.
  • This site is written by myself (Amir Borenstein nickname "NoRad"), an Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive person.
  • English is not my mother tongue (so sorry for any possible bad English). 

This site was written for the following people:

  • Persons who believe that Electromagnetic Radiation exposure can harm our health.
  • Persons who want to know how to protect themselves from the effect of Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • EHS Electro-magnetic Hyper Sensitive persons

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