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First of all - Recommendation to minimize EMF/EMR exposure while using mobile phones

There is no such thing as a low radiation mobile phone, so in general I recommend to use mobile phones only on emergencies. when you do have to use it try to follow the following recommendation to minimize your exposure to the  EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) mobile phones emit.
  1. Minimize the use of mobile phones as much as possible.
  2. Make only important calls
  3. Keep the call length as short as possible
  4. When there is a wired phone or PC, prefer to use it over mobile phones, wireless phones and wireless PCs.
  5. Remember to turn off you 3G/4G data and WIFI when not using it.
  6. Configure your mobile phone not to sync applications without your approval, so the phone will not radiate all the time when the 3G/4G data or WIFI is ON.
  7. Keep the mobile phone off your body at all times.
  8. While talking on your mobile phone try to keep a safe distance from it while using the speaker phone, a wired air tube earpiece or a regular wired earpiece.
  9. Don't use the mobile phone in close spaces or metal enclosures like elevators, cars, public transportation, basements. In these place mobile phone transmission will be more powerful.
  10. In the car use only fixed UMTS mobile phone with external antenna or a UMTS mobile phone with a hand-free kit equipped with an external antenna.
  11. As far as the ELF magnetic and electric fields are concerned, better use a UMTS (3G) phone over a GSM phone (2G).
  12. In the last year (2015) I compared several times between 3G and 4G, and it seems that smartphones emits more RF radiation in 4G modes. Press here to see video...
  13. Don't use Bluetooth devices, as when coupled both phone and device emit RF radiation all the time.
For EHS people using a cellphone or smart phone should be done only on emergencies as every use will most likely cause pain!

Using a mobile phone 

I think that using a mobile phone should be limited to only short "must" or "emergency" calls. Using a mobile phone exposes you, people around you and people who are in the vicinity of the mobile phone masts to electromagnetic radiation (both RF and ELF), so I think that limiting the time you use the mobile phone is a smart thing to do. However sometimes you have to use the mobile phone, to call the police, to ask for help, to say you are late, to ask for directions. I suggest that you should try to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation as much as possible, while using the mobile phone. Even if you use the mobile phone once in a while, I still suggest you to try and limit your exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from your mobile phone.

Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones

When talking on the mobile phone, the mobile phone emits changing levels of electromagnetic radiation (High frequency RF single). In addition the cell phone emits also low frequencies EMR created in his electronic parts, boards and as created in the processes of the RF signal transmission . The levels are dropping as you move away from the device. The most sensitive part of the body, to electromagnetic radiation, is considered by many to be the head. I think that other parts of the body might also be very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. The first thing I feel when I am exposed to electromagnetic radiation is a headache but this does not say that only the head is affected.  Having said that I would suggest not to put the mobile phone next to your head while talking but I would also suggest not to put it in your pockets or in your belt clip, try to stay as far as possible from it at all times especially when making a call and during conversations.


Video link

Which cellphone emit less EMF/EMR

As said, every cellphone emit EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) when using it to talk. Smartphones transmit also on idle mode, while the applications that are installed on them transmit and receive data over the cellular network. The signal the passes all the data is called radio frequency (RF). Apart from the RF EMF/EMR also low frequency electric and magnetic fields are created. These fields are reduced very fast as you move away from the source. In most cases half a meter from the source you will not be able to measure their levels as they drop considerably. The RF EMR, on the other hand, is measurable even few meters from the cellphone. Because the differences in the RF signal of second generation (GSM) and third generation (UMTS) phones, In 3G (UMTS) phones a much lower electric and magnetic fields are created, compared to 2G (GSM). Therefor my recommendation it to use (with a speaker or an AIRTUBE earpiece) a simple (not a smartphone) 3G (UMTS) mobile phone (and not 2G). 

In the last year (2015) I compared several times between 3G and 4G, and it seems that smartphones emits more RF radiation in 4G modes. Press here to see video...

Different types of Radiation ( ELF, RF, EV EMR) from GSM cellphones

Turn of 3G/4G Data and WIFI communication

Smart phones have many application installed on that access the web via the WIFI or 4G/3G connection. They use these connection to bring and sent data and communication. These communication bursts happens every several seconds or minutes (depends on the way you use the smartphone and on how you config it), and every time a communication is done the smart phone is emitting RF radiation. This transmission expose the use to RF radiation and exhaust the battery, shortening the stand by operation time of the smartphone. Therefor we recommend to turn 3G/4G data and WIFI at all time. Turn them on when you must surf the web or us the application and then turn the back OFF when you are finished. 

Mobile Data icon on android Bluetooth icon on android WIFI icon on android
In the picture - wireless icons on android phone

In the last year (2015) I compared several times between 3G and 4G, and it seems that smart phones emits more RF radiation in 4G modes. This might be unique to where I live in (Israel) but it is more possible that it is because of the modulation of 4G-LTE.
If you have a meter we will be very happy if you film the radiation levels in both modes and send it over to us at 

SAR levels

SAR is heat based measuring standard and I find it to be insignificant. Since there is no other why to differentiate between the possible radiation emission of one cell phone to the other, SAR can be used to do that. Please note that it does not mean that low SAR phones are safe!

Please press here to read more about the SAR...

Limit your exposure

So what can you do if you do want or need to use the mobile phone but still want to limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation? I think the best thing to do is to use AIR TUBE earphone or the speaker mode and hold your mobile phone as far away as possible from your head and body. If you use the speaker phone or AIR tube and the mobile phone is still next to your body, head, on your belt clip or in your pocket you still get exposed to electromagnetic radiation. You need to remember to keep distance from the mobile phone as much as possible while it is emitting electromagnetic radiation.


Speaker phone

Most of today mobile phones have a speaker option, and together with holding the mobile phone far from your head and body, using it will limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by your mobile phone (both high frequencies and low frequencies).  But sometime you can't use the speaker phone option, like when there is a lot of ambient noise, when you don't want other people to be disturbed by the conversation and some other reasons.

Using a regular earphone

Using regular earphone allows you to hear and to be heard better than when using a speaker phone while reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation since the mobile phone is no longer next to your head (the far it is the less electromagnetic radiation is getting to you). But some of the high frequency electromagnetic radiation makes it's way on the earphone wire to your head.

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RF and ELF radiation from a wired ear piece with comparison to air tube ear piece.

Air Tube earphone

Using an Air Tube earphone allows you to hear and to be heard better than when using a speaker phone while reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In a regular wired earphone some of the high frequency electromagnetic radiation makes it way on to the earphone wire and to your head. When using an Air Tube wired earphone most of this radiation does not reach the ear or head. In an Air Tube wired earphones, the wire goes up as far as 20 cm from the head. It has 2 speakers and a microphone and the sound from the speakers is making its way to the ear via one or two air tubes which can pass air waves and sound but do not carry electromagnetic radiation. In an Air Tube earphone some of the electromagnetic radiation makes its way onto the wire but not to the head since there are no metal wires coming up to the head. You still have to keep the mobile phone as far as possible from your body, and the long wire of the Air tube earphone allows you to do so.

My experience

When I must use the mobile phone I usually start to feel bad after several seconds (about 20 seconds) of using it against my ear. If I use a regular wired earphone the headache appears after a minute. Using the mobile phone speaker allows me to use the mobile phone for up to 2 minutes, depending on how far I can place the mobile phone (and still hear and be heard). When I use my wired air tube earphone I can talk for about 3-4 minutes until the first sign of a headache appears. In addition using the wired air tube earphones allows me to place the mobile phone far away from me and still hear and be heard.

First I did not believe that this wired air tube earphone is really working, that it is worth the money and that it is better than the ordinary wired earphone. But when I did some tests and measurements I noticed that most of the electromagnetic radiation that was making its way up the wire was "stopped" at the speakers and did not make its way to the user ear. Later on I tested it on myself several different occasions when I had to use the mobile phone, and was amazed as I did not feel the expected headache, even after a 3 minute call. Usually when I use a regular wired earphone I can use the mobile phone for only 1 minute before I feel the pain.  If I would (and when I used to) use the mobile phone and I put it next to my head the expected headache appeared after only 20 seconds.

Video Link

 RF and ELF radiation from a wired ear piece with comparison to air tube ear piece.


Why not Bluetooth?

In the market today you can find many types of bluetooth and wireless earphone, some types even have air tubes. Using a bluetooth device exposes you to some additional electromagnetic radiation from the bluetooth device and from the mobile phone, in addition to the one emitted from your mobile phone when making a call. In addition people usually tend to keep their bluetooth device working all the time. Bluetooth devices and mobile phone with their bluetooth connection enabled emits electromagnetic radiation all the time.  I don't recommend using a bluetooth devices or earphones even when it comes with an Air Tube.

Video Link:

  Electromagnetic radiation from a bluetooth earphone


I recommend using a wired earphone with air tube. This does not mean that if you have them you can use the mobile phone as much as you like. It simply means that when using the mobile phone with these wired earphones (and keeping the mobile phone as far as possible from your body) you get the less possible electromagnetic radiation exposure as possible today.

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