Low EMF house design

Low EMF house design

In many cases that we find and EMF issue, mainly ELF magnetic fields issues, in a house it is because of poor planning that did not take info account the Electro-Magnetic Radiation. In most cases most issues would have been avoided if the house was planed using some very basic roles:

Low EMF house design tips

  1. Install wired phone, wired internet, TV antenna wires in every room of the house. This way you would not need a cordless phone or WIFI and will be able to reduce your use of wireless devices in the house.
  2. Make sure that all electric cabinets, engines, air-condition and refrigerators compressors, power converters, solar panels, and their equipment, electric meters (in case of a smart meter see section #8) are as far away as possible from sleeping and sitting areas (beds, working desk, sofas …). 
  3. Make sure that behind the head of the beds, or near the beds, there are no electric wires, no power converters, no electric cabinets, no electric appliances or electronic equipment (not next to and not on the other side of the wall).
  4. Make an effort to pass electric power lined via corridors and not bedrooms(other than lines that are used in the bedroom itself).
  5. Make sure the house will have wired phones in every room.
  6. Make sure the house will have a wired internet connection in every room.
  7. Prefer Quality LED lights (2700K) over CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) and combine it with incandescent lights for a warm and cozy feeling. For EHS people incandescent lights should be preferred over all other types.
  8. Prefer the use of heating systems other than electric under-floor heating.
  9. In there are smart meters installed, make every attempt to opt out. If not possible use RF and ELF blocking material to block the RF and ELF from the "smart meter" from getting into your house.
  10. Measure ELF and RF levels in the place where the house is planned to be built before you start planning. 
  11. Measure the ELF and RF levels all along the building process and right after the end, to make sure the ELF and RF levels are not worse than before.
  12. In order to measure the EMF get and ELF/RF meter like this one -CORNET ED78S
  13. If you find some RF penetrating the house from outside, use RF blocking techniques.
  14. If you find some ELF penetrating the house from outside, use ELF blocking techniques.
  15. It is always recommended to get an EMF professional to help you and supervise the work, but make sure he understands the risk or "low level" ELF and acknowledge biological influences of low-level ELF and RF radiation.

For EHS people and those who want to be extra careful

  1. Plan in advance where the beds and working stations are going to be.
  2. Make sure there are no outlets, power sockets, switches, and in-wall power cords or other next to the beds.
  3. Power sockets, switches should be planed next to the working station.
  4. The light switch next to the door of the room, not next to the bed.
  5. Next to the main power cabinet, Install a time controlled power switch to cut off all electric supply to the bedrooms in the night time. 
  6. Next to the main power cabinet, install a line of an electric socket for future installation of Dirty Electricity filters. 
  7. Next to the bedsides, you can make use of battery-powered alarm clocks and lights. 


Want to "see" this radiation?

Electric design and infrastructure problems that cause ELF-EMF exposure problems

Before you, a riff summary of several electric issues, that are caused by bad design, bad maintenance and that can cause ELF-EMF exposure problems.

"Steeling a wire"

Sometimes, over the years, overheating issues accords over the wires, usually with the Natural wire, usually need connection points. When this happens the electrician usually cuts the burned tip of the wire and reconnect it to the connections. Over the year this wire will be cut short in a way that will not allow it to be reconnected again. In this case, the electrician has 2 options, take out the old-short wire and put a new longer wire, and option 2 , connect to a Natural (pr Phase) wire from a different cricket. This will create a condition in which the Phase and Natural wires are not wired together side by side, and where the magnetic field created by each wire will not reduce the other, and will result with higher ELF magnetic field values.

Switching between the "Natural" and the "Ground" wires

If an electioneer will mistakenly switch between the "Natural" and the "Ground" wires, most of the times it will cause the Safety Electric Residual-current device switch will cut the electric supply, but in some case, it will not an electric circuit will continue to work. One thing will change, now the "Ground" wire will conduct electricity and will produce ELF magnetic field, usually with no "Phase" wire to create an opposite ELF magnetic field to reduce the overall ELF EMF from the wires. In addition, now there will be elevated ELF EMF from the "Phase" wire that has no opposite ELF magnetic field, created by the "Neutral", to reduce the overall ELF EMF from the wires (In case that the Ground and Phase wires are not going side by side). This will result in higher ELF EMF from the Phase wire and a very big ELF EMF from the ground wire.
The problem can be found with the use of ELF-EMF meter and can be fixed by a professional electrician.

Phase Miss-Balance

Today it is custom to install an In house tree phase electricity infrastructure. In some older houses, the infrastructure was upgraded from one phase to 3 phase. The first phase is marked as "R" and the two others as "S" and "T".
In some case the electric currents on the tree phase do not balance, meaning the current on each phase is different (usually the current on "R" is bigger than in "S" and "T"). In order to check this, an electioneer should check the currents on each phase. In order to fix this situation, the electioneer should move in house electrics circuits from the phase with more current to the phase with less current in order to balance the currents. If the problem is created on the electric company's street infrastructure, this fix could also be done on the street infrastructure by the electric company. 

Ground loops

In some countries is it custom to have a grounding connection to more than one of the following: ground pool, a metal water pipe,  the house foundation and to the electric company. a ground connection to the electric company and to the water pipes may cause the creation of "ground loop" and can result in higher ELF EMF fields in and around the house.
This can be found using an ELF-EMF meter, by seeing high levels near the water pipes or the house foundation. 
In order to fix it, it is required to have an electrician disconnect the grounding form the electric company or install a plastic water pipe section on the income water pipes. This should be done only after a proper ground was installed and tested.