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Danx 19/05/2013 (alias name) 

 I was a cell phone user from 1997 till 2008. I promoted the device with my family when I was young, thought it was the greatest thing around. After June 2010 and a tumor operation (size of a golf ball) later, the  cellphone,blue tooth even WiFi has been dead to me for a long time. I didn't realize how in the years to come the cellphone not only would ruin my life but now has reappeared and managed to invade my workplace full blown, and it has played me right back to my old symptoms of Vertigo, spinning, and nausea. I feel alone on my job with this and with what I know. Fearful that if I raise an awareness they will get rid of me?

 I hope and pray each day that Christ guides me to the right direction in an effort to keep my job of many years or will I have to leave it? 
 I cannot see how this technology is going to make our society a better place now that it has nearly ruined mine! 

Thanks again for your products and tests on  Your research
 is something out of my nothing and dis-pare.

New York.