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EHS symptoms - general

The symptoms of EHS (Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity, or as it is also called ES- Electromagnetic sensitivity) can change between one person to the other. Every person can be especially sensitive to different frequencies and different types of radiation. Some of the people who suffer from EHS may also suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).

General symptoms of EHS can be found in the "EHS on the web" page on this site.


My experience with EHS symptoms:

The symptoms of EHS according to the order of appearance as I (NoRad) experience them when exposed to electromagnetic radiation:

  1.  Heat sensation.
  2.  Redness in the face.
  3. The rush of blood to the head.
  4. Pressure on the head temples.
  5. The pressure in the inside of the ears.
  6.  A light headache.
  7.  Feeling incoming calls as a sharp pain in the head and eyes.
  8.  Restlessness.
  9.  Concentration problems. 
  10. Pressure headaches on the side and back of the head. 
  11. Tingling sensations.
  12. A severe headache
  13. Fatigue.
  14. Memory problems.
  15.  Depression.
  16. Ringing in the ears and noises in the head.


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