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EHS Self Diagnosis

Does your headache all day long?

Do you feel pain inside your head after using your cellphone, mobile-phone, smart-phone or cordless phone?
Do you have one or a few of these symptoms?
Do you feel tired after using your wireless PC (desktop or laptop)?

Then you might be an Electromagnetic HyperSensitive (EHS for short) person!
Please read on!!!

Are you an EHS person?

If you get a headache whenever you talk with your cell phone or cordless phone, if you feel heat sensation when exposed to EMR, then you might be an EHS person. 

I tend to define 3 levels of EHS:

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - Level 1 - Low

A person that feel pain or other symptoms, when, or shortly after, using his or her cellphone or wireless devices. For example a headache few minutes(not more than 10 minutes) into making a call on the mobile phone.
Recovery time will usually take a few minutes to an hour.
A person who is EHS at low level will usually not feel cellphone masts, other people wireless and cellphone devices, and power lines or electric devices.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - Level 2 - Mild

A person that in addition to feeling pain or other symptoms, when, or shortly after, using his or her cellphone or wireless devices can also "feel" cellphone masts, other people wireless and cellphone devices, and power lines or electric devices. For example a headache few minutes into staying in an area with WIFI reception and use, or front to a cell phone mast.
Recovery time will usually be house to a full day.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - Level 3 - High

A person that can also feel pain and symptoms when in and after every exposure to EMF, even if can't be measured by a fast sampling EMF meter from wireless devices, electric appliances, power lines, cellphone towers, and remote infrastructure and devices.
Recovery time will usually be from a few days to weeks.


Self Diagnosis - Are you an EHS person?

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms you might be an EHS person:

  1. Headaches after using cell phones
  2. Heat sensation after using cell phones
  3. Headaches after using wireless PC, being next to WIFI routers, after few hours in the office or in a direct view line of a cellphone antenna.
  4. Chronic fatigue
  5.  Dizziness after using a cellphone or wireless PCs
  6. Ants sensation on your legs, hands, and head after using laptops or cellphones

Headaches - The first sign of EHS  

The first sign of Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS) is the appearance of a severe headache after using cellphones or after exposure to Electromagnetic radiation. These headaches usually start at the end of the head, on one side, and move forward until they become paralyzing headaches.  The next step ,of EHS is the appearance of other symptoms.  With EHS becoming more severe the appearance frequency, and severity of the symptoms and headaches will intensify dramatically until the quality of life and the person's ability to function will be reduced.  Usually severity of EHS increases with exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation and decreases with reducing the exposure (until next exposure).

What should you do if you think you are an EHS person? 

First emergency measures to cope with EHS

  1. Stop using your cellphone
  2. Stop using wireless PC and laptops
  3. Learn all there is to know about EMR and EHS
  4. Get an EMR meter (both RF and ELF) and start measuring your surrounding at home and work
  5. Use the EMF meter to find radiation sources and penetration points
  6. Continue to minimize your exposure to EMR (all types) in any possible way
  7. Run some medical tests to make sure it is not something else
  8. Continue to follow "The four steps program"

If you think you are an EHS you should first see a medical doctor for check up and analysis. Symptoms similar to EHS can also be caused by other medical conditions and problems that should be and will be taken care by your medical doctor. If the doctors' analysis is that you are all right then the cause to the symptoms might be an EHS condition.

Most medical doctors don't know about EHS, they can't and won’t give you a clear diagnostic and in most cases, modern medicine will offer you only symptomatic treatment. But what you can and should do is start to gain knowledge and to limit your exposure to EMR, both RF and ELF, as part of the No Rad’s 4 steps program.

You are most then welcome to contact us and we will try to help you along the way.

Please remember

Not every headache is because of EHS and on the other hand, EHS is not the only physical problem and condition that EMF causes.