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Handling EHS


Old name of this page - "Handling EHS - A Letter to EHS people"

First thing first - stop using cellphones and any other wireless devices

From the moment that you understand that you are an EHS person, I highly and strongly recommend that you tack this issue seriously and understand that things can go really badly if you don't start to minimize your exposure to EMF. The first step in EMF exposure reduction would be to stop using your cellphone and wireless equipment. Every use of RFR(Radio Frequency Radiation) emitting devices will most possibly cause you pain and can lead to farther worsening of your condition. Therefor please use your mobile phone only on emergencies and start changing to wired communication infrastructure ASAP. More explanations about EMF Exposure reduction are available on the following page on this website. It is also recommended to get a home use EMF meter which you can use in the process of EMF exposure reduction at home or office. An EMF meter is an everyday working tool that will help you "see" the radiation, find the radiation sources and penetration points, before it hurts you.

After these basic few steps you should consider going more deeply and seriously into learning about EMF radiation, measurement of EMF radiation, EMF exposure reduction, and if needed EMF protection. I call this process "The No Rads' 4 steps program" and it is very important in order to create a continues improvement trend in you life quality as an EHS person.

Do all possible medical tests

Although the vast majority of Medical doctors today do not acknowledge the existing of EHS, and it being causes and related to EMF exposure, I still think that there is a need to over go every possible medical test in order to try and find the source of your symptoms. EHS symptoms are shared with other medical illness and conditions and it is very important to make sure you are not suffering from something else other or in addition to EHS, like for example Cancer.

After the medical tests

Don' t give up

First of all , you must not get discouraged, there is always hope that on your next try you will succeed in finding ways to improve your life, as long as you keep on trying. Therefor KEEP ON TRYING!

Second thing, I believe that everyone is different and react differently to different kinds of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Every one of us, EHS people, has to find out what makes him sick, and then he should try to control it and reduce his exposure.

If you don't have an EMF meter yet, get one

The problem with EMR is that you can't see it, and when you feel it, it is usually too late. Therefor an EMF meter that will show the radiation levels is a needed tool that will also help you understand which radiation is causing you which symptoms. an EMF meter will also help you to find all sources of radiation in your house, find penetration points to your house and help you decide if it is time to search for a new place to live with less EMF.

Moving or reducing exposure in your home 

Moving away (moving to an other house) will help only in some cases, but In most cases I think it is better (and cheaper) to find the radiation sources, move them, remove them, change to wired equipment that does not emit any RFR, protect your house and yourself from the radiation, and to get back in control of your life. So before you bailout, try to manage the situation. Again , and sorry that I am pointing it out again and again, an EMF meter is a basic tool both for EMF reduction and for searching a low EMF house

In the long run, I set a goal of moving to a country style house and to start working from home. I become Highly EHS at 2004, and only in 2007 we moved to our first country style house(only one joint wall with a neighbor that did not have any wireless devices). In 2010 we moved again to a better house in a more quiet place (EMF wise). As far as work is concerned, I retired from my high-tech carrier in 2012 and started working from home (opened So I took my time until making these very big steps, while making sure I am getting the right tools to do them right.

An Active approach to life

The effect of EMR/EMF on my life was very drastic and I felt that I have to do something about it. During the years I learned that it is best to stay active and on top of things, trying out new stuff, tools and learning all along. Giving up was and is not an option.

Until today I spent around 2000 US$ on many different EMR meters, an additional ~5000 US$ on protective products, and even more on medical (~12000 US$), and alternative and holistic help. I also spent hours reading, learning and communicating with other people in order to gather knowledge about my condition and in order to help others.

The bottom line is that you must keep on trying! Giving up is not an option!

Know what makes you sick

If you are an EHS person, I suggest that you get a home use Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) meter, so you will be able to see the EMR. Then you will be able to identify problems and EMF source in and penetration point to your house. I believe this should be the first buy. Simple meters cost around $140 US , a newer more featured EMF meter will cost about US$185. and can give you a good picture of what is going on in your house. You can see the meters in my videos on YouTube can search them up on the web; I can also send you some links if you want (just email me at . I think that buying meters is an absolute must for any EHS person, even the most simple meters will do..

Few first suggestions

  • Keep a safe distance from working electric and electronic equipment.
  • Minimize (to nothing) the use of cordless phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cell phones while in the home or office.
  • Disconnect electric equipment from the power socket when not in use. 
  • Make sure there are no working or connected (in standby mode) electric and electronic equipment in your bedroom or next to it.

The 4 Steps Program

This program have 4 main steps that will allow you to improve your condition while and by:
  1. Knowledge -  Learning about EMF and all types of non ionizing radiation
  2. Measurement -  Measuring radiation levels by yourself using your home use EMF meter in order to:
    a. Find sources of radiation in and around your house and workplace
    b. Find the penetration points from which the radiation is getting into your house or workplace.
    c. Use it to assess the EMF levels where ever you stay for more than few minutes.
  3. Reduction - Reduce you exposure by stop using RF emitting devices and keeping safety distance from sources or people that use RF emitting devices.
  4. Protection - if and only when and where it is needed , use RF protection and ELF protection.

Other things that might help:

  1. Do the 4 steps program , specially stop using RF emitting devices.
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Stop smoking or drinking (goes without saying)
  4. Long showers
  5. Walk and stay barefoot on the ground or conductive floor
  6. Rest more, sleep the pain over.
  7. Go to the beach or bathe in large water bodies (like a lake, or stream)
  8. Use food supplements. Ask you MD what and how much you can take. I use ESTER C for the immune system support, I take GABA to decrease the brain fog and it also manage to take care of some of the pain. I take B12 for better oxygen supply (makes me happy and take care of the vision problems - drooping frames). I used also to take Alpha Lipoic acid. 
  9. See what other steps helped me 
  10. Do not feel a victim, this will only make you feel worse.

If you need more help please, please, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 If you want to become an EHS warrior please read the guide to the EHS warrior post on my blog 

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