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Handling EHS

The old name of this page - "Handling EHS - A Letter to EHS people"

Video - Preview to Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity 

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We support EHS people over the world

I offer free support for EHS people but I demand your obligation and effort to get better!

I became Severity Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)in the year 2004. Since then I manage to rehabilitate my condition to a degree I am now managing the condition. I am still an EHS person, in Light-Medium severity, I am working from home, working on the computer most of the day, use RF protection Clothes and Hats and try to reduce my exposure all the time. But most of the days I feel good. I am managing!

During my recovery, I become a self-made expert on Electromagnetic Radiation and EHS. I tested and tried many different EMF meters and methods of radiation exposure reduct and protection. In the last few years, mainly since 2010, I have guided and support many EHS people both in Israel and around the world. Since I myself am coping with EHS, my recommendation and guidance is not just theoretical but are based on my own, first hand, field experience as an EHS person that manages to help himself and many others. Therefore every advice I give is based on vast knowledge and experience. Most of the EMF meters, EMF protection Material, RF Protection Hats and clothes, and other items I sell on my store site, are used by myself daily. I recommend the order of a product only when I think there is a real need for it, and I don't try to push products in order to "close the deal" and get money out of it.

In addition, The support I give to my customers and readers is free! 

On the other hand, I ask people to read, learn, try to understand, think, act, do follow my recommendations, measure EMF, stop using wireless devices, reduce their exposure and to use protection if needed. I demand your obligation in doing your best in getting better. If you chose not to do that you are wasting both mine and your time.

Coping with EHS  - General Steps and the big picture

There are no magic tricks or quick treatments that are going to make you none-EHS again. For those of you who want to really improve their condition, I recommend to first of all stop using your cell phone and other wireless devices! 

This is step number 1, and the most important - STOP THE USE OF CELL PHONES AND WIRELESS DEVICES!!!

From the moment that you understand that you are reacting to EMF and RF exposure, and that you are an EHS person, I highly and strongly recommend that you tack this issue seriously and understand that things can go really bad if you don't start to minimize your exposure to EMF. The first step in EMF exposure reduction would be to stop using your cell phone and wireless equipment. Every use of RFR(Radio Frequency Radiation) emitting devices will most possibly cause you pain and can lead to further worsening of your condition. Therefore please use your mobile phone only on emergencies (maximum 5 minutes each month) and start changing to wired communication infrastructure ASAP

Then I recommend following the "4 step program".
The first step in the 4 step program would be to learn about EMF, the different types of EMF (RF/ ELF/ Dirty Electricity) and about the different sources.

Next step would be to get a fast EMF meter that will allow you to "see" the radiation before it makes you feel bad. The meter will allow you also to find EMF sources, to keep safety distances, to see if exposure reduction or protection steps are reducing your exposure. Exposure reduction is the next general step, if you haven't done so yet, stop the use of smartphones and wireless devices. Move to use wired corded devices. Use the wired internet, computers, tablets, and phones. Keep safety distances from ELF sources and stay away from wireless devices that emit RFR.  The last general step is to use protection, in case there is no other way to reduce the exposure. Use protection on your home, office, and Car. Use person protection and see if and how much it helps you cope better with EMF. 

In parallels, you need to find ways to cope with the mental side of EHS. Feeling a victim or a "poor guy" will not help and most likely cause your condition to become worse and worse. You need to try and remember the thing you accomplished and not the pain or suffering. The whole way of looking at it should be as positive as possible. 

In addition and in parallel you can also try treatments, alternative medicine, and medical procedures to improve your mental or to ease the pain and symptoms. 
Remember that these do not come instead of the exposure reduction!
Remember that most therapist and medical professionals today (2018) don't understand all about EHS. Remember this when they offer you long and expensive procedures.
A Therapist who is not willing to turn off his wireless devices in order to allow you a low EMF environment during the treatment, to my understanding, might not be the right one to treat EHS people.

During the last few years since 2006, I guided many EHS people. I am sorry to say so but many of them turn to magic tricks and procedures that are supposed to make them feel better without reducing the usage and exposure first. Many people put their money and trust on magic stickers, energy bracelets, holograms, magic tricks, and others none measurable procedures. Some of them believe that they will be able to use their smartphones again. I am sorry to say but most of these people return to me after their condition becomes worse. Therefore I would like to remind you all one more time that the first step would be to stop using your cell phone and wireless devices. The next step would be to do the "4 step program". Only then do everything else. 

Step By Step Guide for coping with EHS - The basic steps

Measuring the improvement 

We ask you to try and measure the improvement in your condition after every step you take. It is done by counting the days you feel good in every month. If, for example, you start the process with 10 days in each month that you feel OK, after few steps the number of days you feel OK should be higher, while your symptoms should become better and better, recovery time shorter and your ability to function greater. If for example today you can work in front of a computer for 15 minutes, after doing some reduction steps (making sure there is no wireless device in the environment and that all the computers' peripherals are connected by wires, and when using a screen radiation protection film) you should be able to work for a few hours, with fewer symptoms and shorter recovery time.

How to get support? 

Read the steps that should be taken in the chapters below.

  1. Send me an email to or send a message in the form at the end of this page.
  2. Try to describe in short words, what you are suffering from, for example, "Headaches while talking on the cell phone, pain and symptoms while in front of cell phone antennas and on public transportation".
  3. Try to explain what you have already done to improve your condition.
  4. You will get information, explanation and technical support via email.
  5. Together we will define the steps that need to be done in order to improve your condition.
  6. All the info is available on this site. Once in a while, you will get links for info on this site to read.
  7. I might recommend ordering products from my store site
  8. We might talk on Skype, the first 15 minutes are free.

Few first basic steps that our support process will include 

  1. Stop using cell/mobile/smartphones and wireless devices.
  2. Use a cell phone only for short(less than a minute) emergency calls while using the speakerphone function or a wired air tube earpiece.
  3. Turn off the Data communication, WIFI, Bluetooth, Sync, location, NFC and other wireless-radiation emitting function on your smartphone (in this mode the phone will still be able to receive and send calls and SMS but will emit RF radiation much less of the time).
  4. Build a wired and low radiation working station, with a computer a few feet away from you, with a wired keyboard, wired mouse and an LCD/LED screen with an external power supply. Connect the computer to the network router via a wired cable. If you still feel some eye burns and pain after a few minutes, use a screen radiation protection film.
  5. Please see Using PCs and Laptops & Using wireless networks (WiFi).
  6. Keep a safe distance from working electric and electronic equipment.
  7. Learn about different types of EMF Radiation (RF, ELFm,ELFe,Dirty Electricity...), safety standards, research, exposure reduction, and EMF protection.
  8. Order a home use EMF(both RF and ELF) meter. I recommend the CORNET ED88T (10/2017).
  9. Continue your exposure reduction in the house and office. Remove all wireless devices from the house. Turn Off the wireless functions in equipment you use. Keep at least 1 meter of safety distance from any electric or electronic device and appliance.
  10. Disconnect electric equipment from the power socket when not in use.
  11. Use the RF meter to find penetration points of RF radiation into your house, from Smart meters, Cell phone antenna, and neighbors. Scan the walls, floor, the ceiling for RF levels.
  12. Use RF Protection materials to block RF to enter your house from outside.
  13. Use personal RF Protection like Clothes and Hats, Jackets, Pants, Scarf, and other clothes made from RF Blocking Fabrics, in order to allow you to function better and longer in places that have RF radiation in them, with fewer symptoms and faster recovery time. I recommend that the first item should be an RF Blocking hat.
  14. Identify and remove sources for Dirty Electricity from the house. If needed install Dirty Electricity Filters. Make sure you keep at least 1-meter safety distance from the filters.
  15. Cars - Chose a low EMF car. find and remove all wireless or cellular technology from within the car. Stop using mobile phones and wireless devices inside the car. If there is a need to install a passive GPS system in the car. In there is a need, install a fixed mobile phone with an external antenna in the car (a simple UMTS phone for emergency calls only). Use RF protection on the car's windows to block some of the RF coming into the car from a cellular mast. Use a grounding strap to ground the car. Please see more info at EMF In Cars.
  16. Navigation - using navigation application on your smartphone that demand a network connection cause the smartphone to emit RF radiation inside the car while driving. Therefore I recommend not to use them. Instead, you can use most passive GPS devices, standalone or part of android/other car's audio systems. If you don't want that, you can always prepare the navigation before you head out.
  17. Continue to learn about EMF, Reduce your exposure and use protection according to the "4 Steps Program"

Several Additional technical operations that might be needed in some cases

  1. Extreme Low Frequencies Radiation Protection
  2. Find a low EMF house
  3. Low EMF house design

Other things that might help 

  1. Do the 4 steps program, especially stop using RF emitting devices.
  2. Eat healthily
  3. Stop smoking or drinking (goes without saying)
  4. Food supplements - get your MD approval to take:
    Vitamin ester-C as a strong antioxidant & immune system support (you might also get it if you eat lots of fruits.
    GABA as a natural pain-killer and for Brain fog relief.
    B12 for dizziness issue
  5. Long showers
  6. Walk and stay barefoot on the ground or on a conductive floor
  7. Rest more, sleep the pain over.
  8. Go to the beach or bathe in large water bodies (like a lake, or stream)
  9. Go to a Dentist that specialize in removing amalgam fillings. This should be done using a special protocol.
  10. See what other steps helped me

Mental Coping - almost as important as exposure reduction! 

  1. Do not feel a victim, this will only make you feel worse and will increase your sensitivity.
    Feeling in distress, victimized, despair, self-punishment, stressed, grief and concentrating on the pain, may cause additional worsening of the sensitivity.
  2. After understanding you are an EHS person, you might experience more symptoms because of 2 main reasons:
    a. You now pay more attention to the symptoms, and link symptoms you have long experienced before to EMF.
    b. Feeling stressed and worried about the suffering and because of understanding that a very big change in your like should be done in order to get better.
  3. In order to manage this, you need to try and stay calm, face the symptoms and challenges with optimistic via and believe that after exposure reduction your condition will improve dramatically.
  4. Celebrate every achievement and improvement. For example, if you manage to measure EMF, find and remove a source from your house, this is an achievement and a cause for celebration. For example, you had a good day with minimum pain? this is a cause for celebration.
  5. Make an effort to be involved in activities that make you feel good for example hobbies & creative activities. Concentrate on what makes you feel good!


  1. Spouse and cor family members are the base of our like. You need to understand who to work best in your family, with determination to get the support and environment you need, and without breaking it. 
  2. You need to get the support of your core family (core first).
  3. Explain your family about EHS and EMF.  Share with them the problems and decisions. 
  4. Make it absolutely clear that every exposure, even the smallest one, cause pain and suffering, and increase the chance of the condition become worse. 
  5. Celebrate every achievement (in coping with EHS) with your core family and spouse. 
  6. Understand that you family members will pay a price during the process of coping with you EHS condition. So try all the time to think about their side. Show you appreciation for the support and effort your family members and spouse make. Emphasis how important this support is. 
  7. Install a RF alarm on the entrance to the house. Make sure the alarm is sound whenever someone with a RF emitting device comes in to the house -
  8. In case you share the house with other family members who still use cell phones, smart phones and other wireless device, install wired phones and wired internet connection in every room. So your family member would be able to use the wired phone and to connect their laptops/smartphones/pc to the wired network. 
  9. From time to time use your RF meter to make sure none of the computers, laptops, TV, electronic in the house emit RF radiation when connected to the wired internet connection.
  10. Show your family members how to set their smartphones to redirect calls from to the house wired phone landline when in AIRPLANE mode.  
    Then ask them to put the smart phone in airplane mode before they enter the house.
  11. Show your family members how to connect their phones to the wired network or wired PCs:
    How to connect my android to a USB or network?
    How to connect my iPhone to a iMac or network?
    Lightning to Ethernet Adapter
  12. In case your kids are EHS and are left out from the social life because they don't have WHATSAPP, consider installing an android Virtual machine that includes WHATSAPP on their computer.
  13. According to your EHS condition, and your family condition, make it absolutely sure that if you visit some extended family member or friends, or they visit you, all their wireless and cellular equipment must be turned OFF and not transmitting. 

What I don't recommend 

  1. Magic sticker, Radiation protection bracelets, pendants, and other magic devices. Even if in some cases some of them have some real effect, it can not be measured on the radiation itself. Meaning it does not reduce the radiation.
    The seller of these items sometimes creates a false feeling that with this magic protection the use of wireless devices is safe and the users are now protected and can use their devices as much as they want. People who believe this usually ask my help later on after their condition has become worse.
  2. Symptomatic or emotional treatment without exposure reduction.
  3. Continue the use of wireless devices and cell phones.

More steps based on personal experience

Do all possible medical tests

Although the vast majority of Medical doctors today do not acknowledge the existing of EHS, and it causing and related to EMF exposure, I still think that there is a need to over go every possible medical test in order to try and find the source of your symptoms. EHS symptoms are shared with other medical illness and conditions and it is very important to make sure you are not suffering from something else other or in addition to EHS, like for example Cancer.

After the medical tests - Don' t give up

First of all, you must not get discouraged, there is always hope that on your next try you will succeed in finding ways to improve your life, as long as you keep on trying. Therefor KEEP ON TRYING!

Second thing, I believe that everyone is different and react differently to different kinds of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Every one of us, EHS people, has to find out what makes him sick, and then he should try to control it and reduce his exposure.

If you don't have an EMF meter yet, get one

The problem with EMR is that you can't see it, and when you feel it, it is usually too late. Therefore an EMF meter that will show the radiation levels is a needed tool that will also help you understand which radiation is causing you which symptoms. an EMF meter will also help you to find all sources of radiation in your house, find penetration points to your house and help you decide if it is time to search for a new place to live with less EMF.

Moving or reducing exposure in your home

Moving away (moving to another house) will help only in some cases, but In most cases I think it is better (and cheaper) to find the radiation sources, move them, remove them, change to wired equipment that does not emit any RFR, protect your house and yourself from the radiation, and to get back in control of your life. So before you bail out, try to manage the situation. Again, and sorry that I am pointing it out, again and again, an EMF meter is a basic tool both for EMF reduction and for searching a low EMF house

In the long run, I set a goal of moving to a country-style house and to start working from home. I become Highly EHS at 2004, and only in 2007, we moved to our first country-style house(only one joint wall with a neighbor that did not have any wireless devices). In 2010 we moved again to a better house in a more quiet place (EMF wise). As far as work is concerned, I retired from my high-tech carrier in 2012 and started working from home (opened So I took my time until making these very big steps while making sure I am getting the right tools to do them right.

An Active approach to life

The effect of EMR/EMF on my life was very drastic and I felt that I have to do something about it. During the years I learned that it is best to stay active and on top of things, trying out new stuff, tools and learning all along. Giving up was and is not an option.

Until today I spent around 2000 US$ on many different EMR meters, an additional ~5000 US$ on protective products, and even more on medical (~12000 US$), and alternative and holistic help. I also spent hours reading, learning and communicating with other people in order to gather knowledge about my condition and in order to help others.

The bottom line is that you must keep on trying! Giving up is not an option!

Know what makes you sick

If you are an EHS person, I suggest that you get a home use Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) meter, so you will be able to see the EMR. Then you will be able to identify problems and EMF source and penetration point to your house. I believe this should be the first buy. Simple meters cost around $140 US , a newer more featured EMF meter will cost about US$185. and can give you a good picture of what is going on in your house. You can see the meters in my videos on YouTube can search them up on the web; I can also send you some links if you want (just email me at I think that buying meters is an absolute must for any EHS person, even the most simple meters will do.

The 4 Steps Program

I remind you all that the "4 step program" is a basic part of our guide. This program has 4 main steps will allow you to improve your condition while and by:

  1. Knowledge - Learning about EMF and all types of non-ionizing radiation
  2. Measurement - Measuring radiation levels by yourself using your home use EMF meter in order to:
    a. Find sources of radiation in and around your house and workplace
    b. Find the penetration points from which the radiation is getting into your house or workplace.
    c. Use it to assess the EMF levels where ever you stay for more than a few minutes.
  3. Reduction - Reduce your exposure by stop using RF emitting devices and keeping a safe distance from sources or people that use RF emitting devices.
  4. Protection - if and only when and where it is needed, use RF protection and ELF protection.

If you need more help please, please, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
 If you want to become an EHS warrior please read the guide to the EHS warrior post on my blog