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WiFi Router

If you ever asked your self  "am I exposed to electromagnetic radiation if I sit next to a WiFi router?" here is your answer. WiFi routers, like other wireless devices don''t come with a warning that they emit Electromagnetic Radiation and that you should not put them next to you. Some people place their Wifi router on their working table or in a bedroom near the bed. This will lead to many hours of exposure to Electromagnetic radiation, since most people leave the wifi function of the router On all the time.

It is important to know that WIFI signal is composed out of several signals. Most RF meters can't measure the strength of all the signals so the levels showed on the RF meters are lower than the sum of the WIFI signal. Press here to read more about multi frequency measurement...

This video will show you that Electromagnetic Radiation is emitted from WiFi wireless routers. The amount of radiation is dependable on the amount of data being transmitted. If, for example, one person used this router to download and read text email via his laptop then the radiation level will be modest, but if the same person will use the router to access the net and download a HD movie or to watch it real time (streaming) the level will be higher, much higher and for a longer time. You will not find a warning on the router or on the router's box. I my self has this kind of router, but the WIFI is always OFF, some routers' wifi option can be configured On and Off, but not all.

Basic Video - RF radiation from a wireless WIFI router

Video - Multi frequency signal from WIFI router and laptops.

In this video we will show the multi frequency nature of the WIFI signal

Video - RF measurement (partial) from WIFI router in different distances

RF measurement (partial because of Multi frequency) from WIFI router in different distances when only the router is on and there is no PC or laptop connected to it.

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