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Please note that not all "ECO DECT" phones that are sold around the world are really "Low radiation",
 so you need to test before buying. 

 In most "ECO DECT" phones you need to configure the phone so the ECO & ECO plus mode will be ON 

In most "ECO DECT" phones you need to configure the phone so the ECO & ECO plus mode will be ON

DECT Phones have been on the market for years and years and all this time they have been radiating electromagnetic radiation. When you buy them nobody warns you about this issue. The salesman will tell you that they are very good, clear sound, excellent reception and all within standards and regulations. What they don't tell you is that DECT phones radiate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you mistakenly put it next to your bedside or on your office table, it can be very problematic. Now "ECO DECT" is being introduced into the market. Working in ECO mode it tries to save electricity by reducing the time which the base station transmits (radiation) to the handset. This fact narrows the time that the ECO DECT phone radiates on you and your close ones. I think that ECO DECT phones, as all other types of cordless phones, are bad (radiating into your brain while talking) but they are not as bad as regular DECT phones, which radiate even when they are on "standby mode", when you are not using them.

In this clip there is a comparison between a regular DECT phone and an ECO DECT phone. 

In the past there were no ECO DECT phones to be found in the US and Canada. Lately SIEMENS presented several models to North america customers at:

You can always order from EU or other countries and risk that some of the options will not work in the US or Canada.

A second think you can do is go to several stores and search for cordless phone that does not have the "DECT" logo or technology, then you need to test the phones with an RF meter and make sure the phone base station does not emit RF radiation all the time.

In general, some of the old cordless phones, that does not support several handset units and work with 27Mhz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz may prove to be "low radiation".



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