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Does AirTube earpiece works

Does Air Tube earpiece really works? 

In this video I will try to show that most of the radiation that makes its way on the earpiece wire does not reach the ear plugs, meaning it does not reach the user head. The trick is that the wire does not reach the head, and so does most of the radiation. In a regular wired earpiece some of the radiation makes its way on the wire up to the users head.

Video from 2017, with WCDMA phone -

Few Years back (2011) I got myself a wired ear piece with an Air Tube. I was told that it will limit my exposure to EMR when using the phone to the minimum, much better than a regular wire ear piece. Few weeks later I needed to use my mobile phone and I used it with the wired Air Tube earpiece. I was amazed to see that I feel no pain, even after 3 minutes passed and I was still on the phone. The mobile phone was place as far as possible from me and I felt OK after the call ended (I am an Electromagnetic hyper sensitive person and exposure to EMR make me feel bad).