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Does cellphones emit RF radiation?

They (Mobile Phones companies and industry) used to say there is no radiation from mobile phones.

Now they say there is some radiation but it is not dangerous and it does not have any effect.
In few years they will admit it has an effect but they will say that it is not dangerous.
Later on they will say that it is dangerous but only in extreme conditions.
Few years later, they will admit that it is dangerous to most users most of the time, but they will claim that they just found about it and that they can’t do anything about it now.

This clip will show you that Mobile phones emit electro magnetic radiation.

RF radiation from a 2G(GSM) cellphone at different distances   

Cellphones emit RF EMR. The levels of the RF radiation are very strong next to the cellphone, but also a few feet away from it there are some levels of RF EMR. In this clips we will see the RF EMR levels 50 cm and 100 cm away from the phone.

Different types of Radiation ( ELF, RF, EV EMR) from cellphones

In addition to the Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from Cellphones there are also Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic fields which are emitted from the cellphone during transmission.
In this clip we will try to show the rough levels of extrema low frequency (ELF) Electric and Magnetic fields from several G2 phones. As you can see these levels are not low and should not be ignored.

Radiation (RF EMR) from Nokia E51 when receiving an e-mail (Electromagnetic Radiation).

Electromagnetic Radiation emitted from Nokia E51 when receiving an e-mail. This file was send to me by "RoadFlyer" who was able to catch the moment

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