No Rad's Step By Step Plan for
 EMF Radiation Initial Exposure Reduction

The 'No Rad's Step by Step Plan for (Non-ionizing) EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) Radiation Initial Exposure Reduction' will allow you to reduce your exposure dramatically. Both Electromagnetic Hypersensitive(EHS) people and people who are not yet EHS can benefit from this plan (each have a different instructions set).
The 'No Rad's Step by step' plan for EMF Radiation Reduction' is more specific than the No Rad's 4 Steps program and is meant to be more easy to follow with simple steps and focus of exposure reduction.
After more than 10 years of handling EHS, and guiding others (both EHS and non-EHS) about EMF, DIY measurements, Exposure reduction, and EMF protection, I have come up with this guide that includes the most basic steps to begin with. I prepared this guide so people will have an easy to follow step by step "checklist" of items to do, that will result in a big reduction in exposure. It is not enough to do these 12 steps, but I believe it is a solid start.

The steps of the "No Rad's Step By Step Plan":

 Step Number


Recommendations for non-Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people ("Normies").Recommendations for
Electromagnetic Hyper
 Sensitive (EHS)
 1 Watch "Preview to EMF/EMR Radiation"     

 Mandatory Mandatory
 2 Self Diagnosis - EHS Can you use mobile phones and wireless equipment without feeling anything is wrong? no pain? no sensation? You are most likely not an EHS person. If you feel pain or symptoms while using mobile phones, wireless devices = Mild EHS.

If you feel pain and other symptoms while being next to people who use mobile phones or wireless devices, opposite to cellular mast, or/and while being in an environment with wireless equipment, while you are not using any = Mihigh-level EHS.
 3 Order/Buy/Gut an home use EMF meter. 
The most recommended home use meter is the CORNET ED88TPLUS (03/2018)

The basic need is to cover both Radio Frequency(RF), Extreme Low Frequency magnetic(ELFm) field.

If possible an ELF electric field(ELFe) and Dirty Electricity(DR) meter will be nice. 

 Optional but important - An EMF meter will allow you to get objective information about the level of exposure, will allow you to search and find EMF sources, EMF penetration points, will make exposure reduction more easy and fruitful, and will allow you to measure the EMF levels before, after and while installing protection. Using a meter will improve your knowledge and capability to follow this step plan. Must & very important - Getting an EMF meter is a very basic step in getting a hold of your EHS condition. Without it you are blind. You progress will be slow, both in learning, both in exposure reduction, and at getting better. 

I myself, back in the days my condition become worse, believed I can do without an RF+ELF meter and delayed the decision to buy them. This caused me an additional exposure and cause more damage to my health. 

Please see - What do I need an EMF meter for if I am an EHS person?
 4 Stop using cordless phones. Install wired land line phones in every room.

Please see
 - Using Cordless phones

 Very important in order to stop the constant RF transmission from the base station inside the house. Mandatory 
 5 Stop using wireless computers, tablets and wireless routers (WIFI) inside the house. 
Install a wired network in the house and connect all computers and laptops via cables to the internet. 
Disable all WiFi transmissions. 
Please see
- Using wireless networks
- Using PCs and laptops

 Very important in order to stop the constant RF transmission from the base station inside the house.

Create a low EMF working environment.
 6 Reduce the use of mobile phones and cellular devices. 
  1. Reduce time and number of calls.
  2. Use the speaker or a Air Tube ear piece while moving the mobile phone away from your body.
  3. Define the cellular network setting so the mobile phone will transmit in 3G/ UMTS /WCDMA standards, and not in 4G/LTE.
  4. Turn off 'Mobile Data' , WiFI and other wireless technologies, while not in use.

 In most cases, the mobile phone is the biggest source of EMF exposure. There for It will be better if you will find the will and power to implement these steps, even gradually. Mandatory.

After some recovery, you can use the mobile phone on emergencies only. See step 7.
 7 Using mobile phones only on emergencies, once or twice a week, for short conversations, while the device is far from the body. All mobile data and other wireless capabilities should be turned OFF.

Please see 
Using a mobile phone
 Optional Mandatory - In EHS people every use of wireless devices , and specially mobile phones, might cause pain, symptoms, and degradation in their condition. 
 8 Use your EMF meter to measure the EMF levels (RF/ELF-Magnetic/ELF Electric) in your bed rooms.

Use the meter to find EMF source and EMF penetration points from outside into your house. Do every possible step to reduce exposure. Find and keep safety distances from ELF sources, specially in the bed rooms. 

Please see 
- DIY EMF Measurements
Optional - But please note It is most important to keep low EMF levels in Bed rooms  Mandatory
 9  Use your EMF meter to measure the EMF levels (RF/ELF-Magnetic/ELF Electric) in the other parts and rooms in your House.
Use the meter to find EMF source and EMF penetration points from outside into your house. Do every possible step to reduce exposure. Find and keep safety distances from ELF sources, specially in your work station and sitting places.

Please see
DIY EMF Measurements
ELF sources 
- RF sources 
- EMF sources by location
 Optional Mandatory
 10 Stop the use of any other wireless device: laptops, tablets, smart TV, wireless streamers, Other wireless devices, Microwave oven...

Please see
- EMF Exposure Reduction
RF sources 
 Optional Mandatory - these devices do not belong in an EHS person's house.
 11 If you feel pain or symptoms while exposure to environmental EMF radiation sources, such as cellular mast on the streets and roads, wireless systems in office buildings, try to use one of our RF Protection Hats and linings/inserts

Please see
- RF Protection Hats
- RF Protection Cloths
 No need Optional - a hat is a basic first step personal protection for EHS people. We recommend to first try one hat, and they move up to the rest of our RF Personal protection.
 12 If and when you find RF penetration points to your house, via the windows, opening, floor, ceiling or walls, use RF protection to block it and to keep the levels in you home as low as possible.

Please see 
- RF Protection
- ELF Protection
 Optional - After you manage to remove all wireless devices from your house, my  recommendation is to start using protection if the RF level that is penetrating into your house is higher than 0.004uW/cm2 (0.04mW/m2).

Please note that these are my recommendations and they are not official or recognized by any other body. 

The bioenitiative report note a level of 0.003uW/cm2 as the bio-active threshold. While the so called ICNIRP safety standards (based on heat effect only ) note a threshold of 1000uW/cm2 

Please see
- Safety standards
 Optional - EHS people need to try to reduce their exposure in their house to as low as possible.

 From what I have seen in the past few years, most EHS people will feel OK most of the time if RF radiation levels will be lower than 0.00005uW/cm2(0.0005mW/m2).

It is possible that an EHS person will still not feel OK even if staying in these low levels. In this case, it is needed also to check other types of EMF, like ELF magnetic, ELF Electric fields and Dirty electricity.  All the above should also be kept as low as possible.

     ENDCongratulations, you have manage to get to the end of this step by step guide for EMF radiation initial exposure reduction.

Continue to learn about EMF, measure, reduce exposure and use protection as needed.

Please see 
Exposure Reduction
No Rad's 4 Steps Program
 If you have done the steps currently you probably reduced your exposure.

As time pass, try to invest more in building and using wired technology and reducing the use of wireless devices.

Please see 
- Exposure Reduction
 If you have done the steps currently you probably reduced your exposure.
An improvement in your condition should soon follow. 
Even if you feel better, this does not means that you can go back to using wireless devices. 
Please note that in most cases, when exposure return, the sensitivity worsen.

You should continue to learn, reduce, measure and protect. You should also try to improve you health in every other way. 

Please also read the following page:
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Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions

Good luck!