Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation

Sources of EMF non-ionizing Radiation

There is non-ionizing radiation all around use. This is absolutely true, but a bit misleading into thinking we can't do anything about it.  There is relatively more EMF non-ionizing radiation, from different types, next to wireless devices, electric appliances, smartphones and other sources of EMF. For example if you have 2 neighbors, both leaving in a low EMF environment without smart meters and no cell tower in sight, one of them have many wireless devices and the other none, the second will live in a house with EMF levels 10000 times lower than his neighbor who is using wireless devices inside the house. 
In order to start reducing the use of wireless devices and to reduce the exposure to EMF in general we need to know which devices emits EMF, and what kind of EMF they emit. In order to do that we will try to get to know the different sources, divided by frequency of the emission and also place in which you can find them. 

In this page, we will link to subpages that explain about EMF sources.