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What is the possible EMF from an adjustable electric motion bed

posted Jan 10, 2018, 1:52 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad
Questions - Please can you tell me about the possible EMF from an adjustable electric motion bed? I cannot seem to find anything , CANADA 10/01/2018

Answer - I don't recommend the use of electric beds, mattresses and beds with metal parts in it.

Electric bed usually have a power converter, a small electric engine and an electronic control unit.
All emit ELF magnetic fields.
The power converter usually emit the ELF magnetic field all the time it is connected to the power netwrok.
So the ELF fields on the bed are there night and day.
In order to remove the ELF fields you need to unplug the bed from the electricity network.
In measurements I did I saw ELF magnetic fields of up to 40mG on the mattress.
In general I recommend not to use an electric bed at all. 
I also recommend no to use electric blanket when slipping (before is OK as long as you unplug it when laying on it)
I also recommend to use a bed that have no metal parts (or as less as possible) and a metraiss without metal springs in it, since most metal wires and long parts become passive Radio Frequency(RF) antenna when around RF radiation.
Please see my site for videos and explanations:
I hope this info helps.
Thanks and best regards
Amir Borenstein