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What do I need an EMF meter for if I am an EHS person

posted Jan 6, 2016, 12:07 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jan 6, 2016, 11:16 PM ]
Q- What for do I need an EMF meter if I am an EHS person, I can feel the radiation right away.

A- I think this assumption is one of the biggest mistakes EHS people do. I think that in today world every person, especially an EHS person, needs an EMF meter. This has nothing to do with the fact we do sell EMF meters.

If only we can do without, but we can't
If we EHS people would be able to detect the RF and ELF levels and sources all the time, every time and in every location, we would be able to do without a meter. We would be able to find and remove any RF sources, keep safety distance from ELF source, and block every RF radiation from coming into the house or work place. The problem is that we can't. EHS people can scene the EMF, to some extent, and will feel bad when around EMF radiation. But we are not able to objectively know the levels, direction, sources or find the penetration points of EMF. On the other hand a meter operated by a person will be able to do that. EHS people do feel bad when surrounded by EMF, but most EHS people will feel very back, very soon, and will not be able to detect or debug the EMF for long. Their feeling is subjective and Pretty soon they will just feel so bad that they will not be able to do anything. 

Not every EHS reacts to all types of EMF
In addition not every EHS people react the same to every type of EMF. For some it will take time to react to some types of EMF, and when they will react to it they will not be in a condition to understand what is going on. It is important to understand that for EHS person every exposure is not recommend, even in cases he/she is not effected by right away. If an EHS person will keep on exposing himself/herself to EMF, that for now he/she does not react to, there is a big chance he/she will eventually be sensitive also to that type of EMF. An EMF meter will be able to show you EMF types you are not sensitive to (yet) so you will be able to limit and reduce your exposure to it.

EHS observations are subjective, the meter is objective (right away and every time)
A EMF meter allows you to objectively know the levels, find the sources, find safety distances from ELF sources, find penetration points of EMF into your house or office, see it and when protection is working, and find out ways to use your electronic devices in a way that will be the less problematic.
With a meter you know right a way, every time. You don't have to wait for your body to react and you can keep on testing even if you already feel too bad to notice any change in the EMF levels or condition. 

"I can do without"
Many EHS people I meet think they can do without an EMF meter. Usually these people come back half a year , after their condition have become worse. 

"It is too expensive!"
Some people(including EHS people) think the meter is too expensive. This is while they keep on buying new smart phones (that are a big contributor to their EHS condition) that cost hundreds of $, and while keep paying the cell phone provider lots of money every month. 

"I do not want to buy a meter, since this means I have a problem"
Some EHS people (more than you would think) tells me they don't want a meter because this means they have a problem, that they are EHS people. They do not want to recognize their EHS condition and think that buying a meter will mark them in their own mind as "I have a problem". I think that this approach is irrational, not logical and can lead to worsening of their EHS condition. Avoiding a problem is not going to make it better, getting tools to deal with it might improve things.

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