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Safe levels from smart meters

posted Nov 6, 2013, 3:39 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad
Q - I have a Corner ED78S and am having a terrible time trying to determine safe readings as no one offers info on exactly what is and isn't hazardous. There are 3 smartmeters under my office and I need to know if my shielding is effective. Do I use RF, LF, am I looking for high decimal numbers or will the color lights be indication enough? Can you please clarify?
Thank you for the terrific website and info,

A - Hi

Thanks for getting back to be. Thanks for taking the time to read the instructions on my website.
You need to measure the RF levels.
You need to look at the numbers, the light are just an aid not a tool.
Please see more info regarding the ED78 on this video - http://youtu.be/WSDWVALxnDk

LF(actually ELF) levels will exist just a feet or two next to the meter.
RF levels should be picked up even 10 meters, or more ,from a single meter.
If you are an EHS person my recommendation is that the meter should show in RF00 mode 0.0005 
If you are not an EHS person then 0.04 will be OK for start..
Please take a look on the levels page - http://www.norad4u.com/monitor/emf-safety-standards

In any case if you find a RF source try to reduce the exposure from it, either by not using it, moving it away or by RF protection and shielding.
The effect of the shielding should be tested next to the shielding, few feet a way and in the places that people spend time next to the source.
Regarding RF protection and shielding please take a look (if you haven't already did that) at - http://www.norad4u.com/emr-protection/rf-protection