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Please advise on clothing I can get to help mask the radiation

posted Apr 2, 2016, 1:31 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Apr 2, 2016, 1:32 AM ]
Q -" Hi ,
 i'm extremely radiation sensitive, have battled autoimmune illnesses for years, suddenly realized they all started when I started using computers.Neon lights have always affected me.
I've hugely cut down on my cellphone and computer usage, cut out the TV (and my illnesses have improved), but there is wifi everywhere, even on buses in the UK.
I can't spend too long trawling through your very comprehensive site as it's making me feel ill, so please can you advise me on which clothing items I should get to help mask the radiation I can't avoid?
And please can you comment on the lead-lined clothing used by XRay professionals? I have to use my laptop a little bit for banking etc. At present I'm using a shield I made out of tinfoil, I don't know if it helps at al., perhaps a little.
I have in the past bought supposedly EMR blocking devices from 0000000 but they didn't work at all so I sent them back.
I'm currently trying to find accommodation with no wifi but it's very difficult, and something that protects me would obviously be good.
Kind regards"

AHello and thanks for your email.
I would suggest to do the following:
1. Watch my original video lectures, they are not long, and it might be easier to watch than to read the text- http://www.norad4u.com/videos/video-lectures
2. If you don't have an EMF meter yet, get one, I recommend the New CORNET ED88T. It will allow you to measure the RF/ELF-magnetic and EMF electric levels in your house, find RF sources and remove then , find ELF sources and keep safety distance from them, find RF penetration points and us RF protection to block them. 
3. RF Protection Clothes - This is the link to our product line - http://www.4ehsbyehs.com/protection-clothes
 I suggest to start with a hat or lining - http://www.4ehsbyehs.com/protection-clothes/rf-protection-hat
4. PC arrangement - make sure your computer is completely wired. arrange it in such a way that the computer, modem, router and other parts are as far as possible away from you. Use a wired keyboard, mouse and screen (if possible with an external power supply). For the screen you can use our cheap screen protection - http://www.4ehsbyehs.com/rf-protection/LED-LCD-screen-protection-film
5. Step by step - do the steps above and try to see if there is an improvement after each step.
6.  lead-lined clothing - will not work for RF or ELF.
For more info please see the "4 step program" - http://www.norad4u.com/4-steps-program
I hope this info helps.

RF Protection clothes for EHS people RF Protection hats for EHS people EMF meters