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PC mouse, keyboard and cellphone makes me sick!

posted Mar 10, 2016, 2:20 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad
Q - Hi, please can you help me with my EMF sensitivity, I have really gone sensitive to emf from my computer mouse and mobile, it causes me pain in my fingers, hand all the way to my elbow, they swell and burn. I have tried all sorts of different fabrics and gloves and nothing works.Can you please advise me what I could cover my mouse with or any gloves that would block the emf's, I'm really getting desperate.
Regards A.
 UK- 03/2016

A - Hello
I am sorry to hear about your EHS condition, I hope you manage to reduce the symptoms soon.
I assume you already reduced your exposure in every possible way.
If you still use a wireless mouse , keyboard, computer or other wireless equipment I suggest you first try to replace them with wired. 
My recommendation is to stop using any wireless devices including mobile phones , wireless PC, WIFI routers and others.

I believe that EHS people should use cellphones only on extreme emergencies.
If in need, put the cell phone on a desk and use the speaker phone option or a wired ear piece. 
Put as much distance between you and the phone.
Turn off all 4g/3g Data , WIFI and Bluetooth in order to reduce the emission over time  and frequency.

Mouse and keyboard
If you are using a wired mouse and keyboard please not that the wired mouse and keyboard still emit some levels of ELF Magnetic and Electric fields to which you might react to. It is much lower then the RF radiation emitted from wireless mouse or keyboard but some people still react to it.
My recommendation is to try several wired mouse and keyboard and to chose these that effect you the least.
In addition you can try and use a "voice to text" software or "camera mouse" and limit the time you use the keyboard and mouse.
Please see:

Other steps
In addition to that I recommend getting and EMF meter and testing the house for RF and ELF.
Find the RF sources and remove them. Find the ELF sources and keep safety distance from them.
Find the RF penetration points and block them.
Use the meter again and again until you manage to reduce your exposure and symptoms 
Please see:
1. the 4 steps program - http://www.norad4u.com/4-steps-program
I hope this info helps.

Wired mouse and keyboard