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Long distance travel, the transport/ method of choice for EHS?

posted Oct 18, 2014, 2:11 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Mar 15, 2017, 12:55 AM ]

Q - Can I also ask you personally your approach to long distance travel, the transport/ method of choice for EHS?

A - Regarding long distance traveling, as an moderate EHS, I can't travel by plans, ship, train or bus. The only way I can still travel is by car while using RF protection (HatsJackets and poncho). I also consider putting RF blocking windows' film on the car windows but still did not get to do it yet.

For EHS, the only way I think is reasonable for long distance travel is by plane. Not because is it has no EMF, it has a lot of EMF, but because the flight is short. I recommend trying to get a flight without WIFI and asking to sit as far away as possible from other people who use they electronic devices during the flight. In addition it is recommended to build up your EMF resistance by not being exposed to EMF for few days-weeks before the flight and taking your food supplements few days before the flight. I don't recommended to fly alone. Some one should be there with you in order to help you cope with the symptoms, other people and the procedures (it is hard when you have brain fog and headaches). You should also consider personal protection and clothes and ask not to pass via the X-Ray security scan. 

The flight:
1. Stay away from long lines, keep a safety distance from people with cellphones and wireless devices.
2. When boarding the plan, wait next to the line for the last moment so you will be as less time on the plan when everyone sends his last text message or phone call.
3. Chose a flight without WIFI.
4. If possible ask to sit away from other people.
5. ask not to pass via X-RAY based security tests/screening. Ask to be tested manually.
6. In the air port, try to stay away from the windows (RF from radar and communication systems is coming in). 
7. If needed use RF Protection in the plan.
8. Take food supplements (GABA+Anti oxidants before, and after the flight
see more info - http://www.norad4u.com/q-a/longdistancetravelthetransportmethodofchoiceforehs

In the Hotel: 
1. Chose an a hotel that does not have cell tower on top, or opposite to.
2. Take your EMF meter with you, test for RF and ELF in the hotel room.
3. Take mylar blankets with you , in case you need temp protection for RF on the windows and walls. 

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