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How to protect my kid's bedroom from an electric meter?

posted Nov 6, 2013, 3:34 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jul 23, 2017, 4:16 AM ]

QI have an Electrical Meter box mounted to the outside wall of the Bedroom where my child sleeps. Do you think my child will be exposed to Low Frequency Radiation & if so what should i do to stop this from happening & What is the best way to measure any radiation coming through?

A - The old electric meters emits ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) EMF and the new digital wireless meters emit also RF radiation, so in order to measure if there is some ElectroMagentic Fields(EMF) exposure you need to measure both ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) and RF(Radio Frequency) EMF.

First step - measurements

The first steps will be to measure the ELF and RF levels in the bed room and on the wall where the meter is installed on it's other side.
You can do it by inviting a specialist to do the measurement or to buy RF+ELF meters and DIY (do it your self).

I recommend buying the meters and do the measurements your self.I think that the DIY style road of action is better since you will be able to repeat the test when and where ever you would like.

Second step - protection

If while measuring you will see high levels of RF and/or ELF EMF protection will be needed.
RF protection is relatively easier and ELF protection is much more complected and more expensive.

Please see my site for RF protection ( http://www.norad4u.com/emr-protection/rf-protection ) and for ELF protection (http://www.norad4u.com/emr-protection/elf-protection ) 
You can order most of the items via my selling site - www.4EHSByEHS.com

The ELF protection should be big enough to reduce all the ELF fields created by the meter at max power used time.

The RF protection should usually be as big as the wall.

ELF protection for a smart meter