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How to get low radiation cordless phone in US/CANADA?

posted Nov 6, 2013, 3:23 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jan 24, 2014, 11:46 AM ]

A - First of all please note that there is no such thing as a safe cordless phone, every cordless phone emit Radio Frequency (RF) radiation when using it. DECT phones are the worse as their base station emit RF all the time.

Update - 11-2013 - recently it is possible to find real ECO DECT phones in the USA and CANADA. It is not easy to find them. You need to search for a single SIEMENSE GIGAHEARZ phone with ECO DECT and ECO DECT PLUS features. Then you need to test with RF meter to make sure the feature is working. It seams like someone does not want the Americans and Canadians to have low radiation phones.

Please see the instructions below that might help you on your search of an ECO DECT phone. 

In the US and Canada there were no real ECO DECT phones on the market until 2013.
Recently I found some ECO DECT phones on north america SIEMENS web site.
I am not sure they are really ECHO DECT, you need to make sure with the suppliers.

In addition you can always order from EU or other countries and risk that some of the options will not work in the US or Canada (custom might not release the phone).
A second think you can do is go to several stores and search for cordless phone that does not have the "DECT" logo or technology, then you need to test the phones with an RF meter (like the CORNET ED78 or even the simple ED7 if you can find it) and make sure the phone base station does not emit RF radiation all the time.
In general, some of the old cordless phones, that does not support several handset units and work with 27Mhz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz may prove to be "low radiation".
Please send me the link to the eStore so I can take a look and try to guess if the phone in question is not an DECT phone.

I am sorry but this is the only way.
If you do find such a modal please let me know (norad4u@gmail.com) and I will alert others.