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How to find a low EMF, EHS friendly holiday accommodation?

posted Apr 27, 2016, 11:52 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Oct 1, 2016, 1:21 AM ]
Q - Hi, I'm ehs and I am desperately trying to find a holiday accommodation with no WiFi. There doesn't seem to be any website offering this service. Apart from the Victoria refuge site which has 6 listing's all in Vic it tas. There must be many places available but all list 'free wifi'. I wish people would get over the WiFi thing. Any help would be very appreciated. Sincerely 
L - Australia

A - Hello
I am also an EHS person.
I have no info about a data base for EHS friendly hotels.
I can't sustain high levels, and try to be in levels that are lower than 0.005mW/m2 (if possible even less than 0.0005mW/m2).
When I travel, I take with me the EMF meter (CORNET ED78 or ED88T are recommended) and some cheap temp RF Protection (like Mylar). 
I search for a place that has no view to a cellphone tower, no cellular towers on top or around. I use google street view , and local cellular tower maps to search for it. 
Then I call the place and ask them if they have WIFI and where the routers are placed (routers are  in the rooms or just at the lobby). I also ask if there are micro cellular antennas in the corridor.
 If possible I ask if there is a vacancy to a room as far as possible from the nearest router, access point or cellular micro cell antenna. 
I get to the place, and test for radiation. I use the mylar protection if needed. 
If all good I recommend to others.
In addition I looked at tripadvisor and there seems to be some people that report EHS/EMF issues in hotels they visit, like this one -https://www.tripadvisor.com/members/trevmar
I think it is a great idea, I hope many more will follow.

For example this is club in hotel in Eilat , Israel (wifi only at the reception), some of the inear rooms are out of site of cellphone mast - https://youtu.be/kW9LZq-Rc9A

An other example is the Dor beach resort, in Israel (wifi in the reception), cellphone must in the distance, some parts of the beach have very little RF. - https://youtu.be/ZveDW0kKFSs

WADI ROSH PINA - in the northern part of Israel has very low RF levels after you tern the WIFI off.

In addition please see this site with hotels without WIFI (which is only one of the requirements) - 
I hope this info helps.