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How to connect my iPhone to a iMac or network?

posted Apr 27, 2018, 11:59 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Sep 17, 2018, 4:12 AM ]
Question - How can I conned that iPhone smartphone to the internet without using the data connection and getting so much radiation all the time?

You can do it via 2 pathways:

1. Connect the smartphone via the lighting to the iMac which is weirdly connected to the internet.
The following video was done by Lavi Perchik

2. connect the smartphone via a Lighting to Network card (see also here...) directly to your router.
This will work in the newer android version
The following video was done by Lavi Perchik

Calls and SMS:
When you achieve this you will be able to use apps on the iPhone including whatsapp. 
  • For SMS and call you need to setup a virtual phone number and use a app on the phone.
  • For Calls only you can setup a "call forward" from the cell number to a hard line number while the phone is not reachable. 

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