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Ground loops and Ground micro currents

posted Oct 29, 2014, 3:13 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Nov 7, 2014, 9:19 AM ]
Q - Recently I discovered I was having some issues with my house's electrical system that were causing me symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety, irritability, etc.. I ended up finding a cause and solution that doesn't seem to be addressed by your site.


1. A defective house electrical ground.
2. "Ground loops" introduced by a cable modem that was connected to two different grounds: house electrical circuit and cable Internet provider.
3. The landline phone service was not properly bonded to the house's electrical ground.

Together, these causes contributed to a pervasive electrical "hum" that was easily detectable with an AM radio tuned to 530 kHz and was sometimes audible with my unaided ears.


1. Hire an electrician to correct the house electrical ground issues and bond the landline phone ground to the electrical ground.
2. Install a US$60 "ground loop isolator" transformer on the coax cable between the cable Internet's wall jack and the cable modem.

This has resolved my hum issues. Other than the coax ground loop isolator, no additional filters, etc., have been needed. My cable modem-related ground loop caused massive RF radiation to emit from the shield of its coax cable. It seems unlikely that plug-in filters would have been successful in reducing this kind of radiation.

In order to give your visitors a more complete picture of what can be done with EMF radiation problems, you might want to consider adding some information to your site about ground loops and house electrical ground issues.


A- Hello Dave.
Thanks a lot for contacting us with this impotent feedback.
The subject of ground loops is very important. 
It can happen with the electricity supplier, cable (internet or Television), metal water metal pluming and other.
In case that a ground loop is created you will usually see ELF radiation around the ground wires, the coax, other cables or the water tubes.
If the ground is also connected to the concrete-metal frame-structure of the building, you will be able to measure ELF magnetic fields from the buildings' frame and foundations.
In some case you will see that the ELF levels in the house are much higher than outside.
When such a ground loop accords all the grounds' stray currents (that exist in the loop) will run to the best ground connection creating EMF on the root.

It once happened to me, once or twice, with the cableTV  supplier and I have seen it happens with the electricity company.
The solution is to do exactly what you did.
I will think of a way to enter it to my site.
For the time, I will update your question and my answer into my Q&A section of the site.
All the best
Amir B.

Grounding pole to the earth
picture - Grounding pole to the earth