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ELF Magnetic and RF protection in a Car

posted Apr 22, 2018, 3:49 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad


I am very EHS sensitive. I need to know which cloth to buy if I want to line the entire inside of my car because the magnetic fields everywhere in the car are extremely high, even with us removing many of the fuses from the electrical devices. 

Can your shielding fabric stop the magnetic field within the car as I am supposed to be at lower than 20 nT. 

I know I can't return the fabric so I want to make sure that if I line the car with this fabric it will stop the magnetic field. I have no problem with electric field in the car.

Also I would need to know what I could install over the windows to stop the radio waves and magnetic fields from entering in through the window. 

I would like to place order as soon as possible.

thank you


I am sorry to hear about your condition.
I am also an EHS person.
Regarding ELF magnetic field protection in the car, it is almost impossible. 
This is because ELF-M tends to bypass protection from the side and holes in it. 
In addition putting a hard non flexible ELF protection in the ca can be very dangerous in case of an accident.
This is way I recommend not to protect from ELF in the car.
I do recommend to test the car before buying and getting a low ELF and RF car using a home use EMF meter like the CORNET ED88TPLUS - http://www.4ehsbyehs.com/emr-meters/cornet-ed88Tplus
I do recommend removing/turning off any RF emitting devices from the car and then use RF protection films on the side and  back windows.
Out shielding fabrics blocks RF not ELF.
I hope this info helps
Thanks and best regards
Amir Borenstein

EMF in a car
In the picture - ELF and RF sources in the car