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Could you kindly suggest how to shield my house?

posted Nov 6, 2013, 3:30 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jan 9, 2016, 2:14 PM ]

Q - My main concern in this moment is the wi-fi RF pollution my house is getting from the neighbors and a cell-tower (I can detect 9 different wifi connections from inside my house!!). I disconnected my wifi device, but I would like to find a solution to all these RF signals penetrating my house.

A - I suggest you to handle the condition in 3 steps. If you are an EHS person please tell me and I will suggest an additional step:

Step 1!
I suggest you buy an RF/ELF EMR meter and search for the 'hot sports" on your walls and windows where the RF radiation is entering your house, and also detect other RF and EMR sources inside your house and to replace the RF sources( cellphones, cordless phones, bluetooth equipment and other wireless devices) with device that do not emit any RF and also to make sure no ELF source is located near people.
This is the meter I recommend for first use -  http://www.4ehsbyehs.com/emr-meters/cornet-ed78s
Video of the meter - http://youtu.be/WSDWVALxnDk 
Info about EMR reduction - http://www.norad4u.com/emr-reduction

Step 2!
RF from cellphone antenna usually come in to the house from the windows. It is easy to protect the windows either by RF blocking film or RF blocking curtains.
RF blocking curtains can be made from most types of RF blocking fabrics - http://www.4ehsbyehs.com/rf-blocking-fabrics

Step 3!
WIFI can also came in via walls. It is very difficult to block 100% of it but you can reduce the levels by using RF blocking paint or RF blocking wallpaper.
The wallpaper is more efficient since it also absorb some of the radiation when the paint mostly reflect it.