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Can you help Target Individuals?

posted Nov 6, 2013, 3:24 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Feb 19, 2015, 10:35 AM ]

A I know a bit about electronic attack of TIs  (Targeted Individuals) , mostly from people who contacted me in the past asking for help. From what they told me, most of the symptoms they have experienced can be linked, connected or caused by Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity - EHS condition and EMF exposure.

Since most people don't understand Electromagnetic Radiation, most people don't know that using cellphones and wireless devices exposes them to RF and ELF on a daily basis, and don't know that this exposure can lead to health effects and EHS-TI symptoms. Most people that already feel the symptoms, don't connect the dots and don't understand that what they experience might actually be an EHS condition or caused by EMF exposure.

Most TI that I talked with, use their cellphone, have a wireless PC and router, use wireless devices and are exposed to RF and ELF daily.  Some of them even bought RF protection hats and clothes from my e-store (www.4EHSByEHS.com) but continued to use their wireless and cellphone devices. I believe that a person that will buy personal RF protection clothes and hats but will continue to use wireless and cellphone devices, will not reduce exposure, will not measure his/her house for EMF and will not block EMF coming from outside the house (or office), as TI sometimes tend to do, will not feel the full effect of the RF personal protection hats an clothes (most of the time will think the protection clothes are not working).

My recommendations for TIs are the same as to every EHS person: Do "The 4 steps program" - know, monitor, reduce protect. 
Following "The 4 steps program" should bring improvement and ease up the symptoms after a while.

After doing the first 3 steps (learning about EMR, reduction of the use of wireless devices and measuring the RF levels in his house) a TI person will feel the full benefit of using also personal protection such as RF protection hatsJackets and pants and some home protection products such as RF blocking canopiesRF blocking paint, and RF blocking window film.

In short:
My recommendation for every TI is to buy an RF/ELF meter and measure the EMF (both Radio frequency and Extreme Low Frequency) radiation in his house, as specially in your bedroom.
Find all the ELF sources and move the away as much as possible.
Find all the RF source and get rid of them (change with none radiating devices).
Find all the RF and ELF penetration points to you house and block them using products such as the products I have on my site.
Reduce your use of cellphone and other wireless devices to emergency only situations.
I believe that most TIs will feel better after doing these steps.


Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity(EHS)