The year of 2012, a year after the WHO's declaration  of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic radiation being a possible carcinogenic to humans, would be mostly remember for the following events:

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EHS people around the world are making headlines:


 USA - Data from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) shows Raised risks of glioma with mobile phone use.


 a City in Spain become RF/MW radiation free city


Austria - The Austrian Medical Association issued a document about EHS diagnosis and treatment

 Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association() for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome)



 The American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for immediate caution regarding Smart Meter Installation



 MD. David O. Carpenter issued a letter with his views on Radio Frequency and Microwave radiation. The letter's headline is "Correcting the Gross Misinformation" and it was signed by more than 40 leading scientist from all over the world. In the letter MD David Carpenter explains why RF is dangerous. 



A  group of EHS and EMR awareness activist argued against the deployment of WIFI in schools, brought EHS to the headlines and appealed to the Supreme Court in order to stop the deployment of WIFI in schools.

USA - Cellphone exposure limits should be reassessed, GAO recommends


 India - RF standard where reduce to 10% ICNIRP none Biological, short term, heat effect standard




 Sheryl Crow -- Cell Phone May Have Caused Brain Tumor

Video - http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_18hb4xbo/

Read more - http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_18hb4xbo/#ixzz2Fy1nxV2e



 The Israeli ministry of education issue a set of guidelines to limit the exposure of students and pupils to Electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, WIFI networks and laptops and electrical infrastructure, but does not ban WIFI in schools (while WIFI is being deployed across the country)



The Supreme Court in Italy - Brain tumor was caused by cellphone!

The Supreme Court in Italy ruled last week that Innocente Marcolini tumer was linked to his heavy cellphone use.

Court chose to dismiss studies that showed no risk because they were financially backup by the cellphone industry


 EU -Commission Decision paves the way for 4G in Europe

More frequency span to existing and new frequency bands so 4G cellphone service will be possible. 4G is expected to increase the number of EHS people around the world 



 Denmark - the number of men diagnosed with glioblastoma has nearly doubled over the last ten years



Belgium  -  I think this small head line is the first of many

"The boss of Belgacom, explains that the GSM is dangerous"

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