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Pictures of TRI FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR meter

Please note, in some of the pictures and video in this site appears a more advance model of this meter.

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Description of the TRI FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR meter

Highly recommended as a ELF EMF/EMR meter (magnetic fields from electric power line, electric devices, power converters)!

Please note, there are 3 models of this meter, FLAF BAND, 60 Hz and 50 Hz. I use and recommend to use the FLAT BAND meter. The 60Hz model of the TRI FIELD is calibrated to 60HZ, it will show 20 mG in 120Hz as if there where 40. The 50Hz model of the TRI FIELD is calibrated to 50HZ, it will show 20 mG in 100Hz as if there where 40. The FLAT BAND model will show the reality, it will show 20mG in 50Hz, 20mG in 60Hz the same as 20mG in 120Hz or 100Hz

The TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter is an excellent and very accurate 3 axis low frequency electromagnetic radiation meter. It can also measure electric field and high frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation, but I found it to be less usable. The TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter can measure high frequencies of electromagnetic radiation but only from the high level of 10 uW/cm2.  The TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter is most usable for low frequency measurements.

The TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter has an analog display with 3 scales, and a big selector switch on the front, that can select between the different operation mode of the TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter (OFF, Battery test, low frequency magnetic 0-100 mG, low frequency magnetic 0-3 mG, electric and radio/microwave modes.

The TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter uses a 9 V battery, and needs to be opened (unscrewing 4 bolts on the back cover) in order to change it. I have it now for 2 years and I have never changed the buttery (very important to switch it off at the end of use).

I use the TRI-FIELD 100XE ELF EMF/EMR Meter a lot for measuring low frequency electromagnetic radiation levels, for finding EMF sources, both in house and outside the house.


Advantages and features:

  • Very accurate low frequency.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Voice indication in some of the modals - Special order, extra charge.
  • Can be ordered with calibration certificate - Special order, extra charge.
  • 3 Axis ELF magnetic and electric field meter
  • ELF Magnetic field 0-3 mG, 0-100mG
  • ELF Electric field 0-1000V/m
  • RF only from 10uW/cm2 (not very useful for home use, not sensitive enough for home use)
  • Analog display
  • Flat Frequency response modal
  • 90 days money back guaranty
  • 1 year warranty 


  • Big and clumsy
  • Changing the battery may prove to be not so easy.
  • Not sensitive in high frequency.

Bottom line

One of the best low frequency EMF meters.

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