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Hard case optional
Hard case optional


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Description of the CORNET ED85EXS

New version is faster and more sensitive 

The CORNET ED85EXS is a new version (forth generation) of the the old ED85. It is a single axis RF meter for frequencies between 1 MHZ to 8 GHz (capable to sense RF up to 10GHz) . It has a digital LCD display with a lot of information and in addition a color bar led display. The CORNET ED85EXS can measure from 0.1827 uW/m2(-65 dBm) up to more than 1000 mW/m2.

The meter is extremely sensitive and very fast. It is very easy to use. It can display the measured levels in dBm or mW/m2 or V/m. It displays the max level measured since power up. On the right side of the LCD the CORNET ED85EXS displays the last 30 measurements values into a histogram shape (couple of measurement are done every second). In addition there is a led color bar next to the right side of the LCD. The histogram gives the operator a very good indication of the EMR levels over the last few seconds and makes the job of finding EMR sources much easier.

The CORNET ED85EX is equipped with a back light for the LCD display which is automatically turned off after 15 seconds. The Back light can be turned ON again by pressing the HOLD button, then the upper function buttons and then releasing the HOLD button. The LCD back light makes it possible to use the CORNET ED85EXS at night and in poor light conditions. The lower button is used to freeze (HOLD) the display on the last measured value (Hold function).

A big On-Off button is located under the LCD and above the 2 function buttons in the front of the CORNET ED85EXS (gets pressed very easily when the meter is in the bag or not in use).

The CORNET ED85EXS has an external antenna (you need to screw it on before use). It is possible to connect other types of antennas, filters, attenuator or to weirdly connect the antenna to a SMA RF cable and then to the meter it self. Please note the original antenna is not effective under 700MHz. The CORNET ED85ESX uses a 9V battery (easy access from the back of the CORNET ED85EXS). During my testing the battery kept the meter working for more than one hour with the back light on. I recommend having a spare battery or even several rechargeable batteries if you use the CORNET ED85EXS  more than once in a while.

Advantages and features:

  • It is possible to connect external optional antennas,
  • It is possible to connect external attenuation and filters (professional use).
  • It is possible to connect the antenna via a SMA Cable for remote locations(professional use)
  • RF mode from 1MHz up to 8GHz (usable up to 10GHz, original antenna effective only from 700MHz).
  • Very Sensitive ( down to -65dBm)
  • Units: V/m, mW/m2, dBm
  • Very fast meter (3500 samples per halt a second)
  • Histogram graph of last 15 seconds
  • Max value since power up
  • LCD Back light
  • The external antenna makes it easier to hold and direct the meter
  • It is possible to connect external directional antennas
  • LED power display
  • Audio Feedback mode.
  • Hold mode
  • 9V Battery 
  • 90 days money back guaranty
  • 1 year warranty 


  • Changes units from mW/m2 to uW/m2 which might confuse the user.
  • Original antenna effective only from 700MHz and up.
  • One axis only (not such a disadvantage in RF)
  • Short battery life, better have rechargeable batteries.
  • At first some people can find it hard to follow all the info on the LCD.
  • ON-OFF button is easily pushed when inside the bag.
  • You will need to take the antenna apart for safe keeping and storage.

Bottom line:

The CORNET ED85EX will suit you if you are looking for a RF meter for up to 8 GHz , and if you are not afraid from a lot of data being presented on the same small LCD at the same time. In addition, it will allow you to use external antennas, attenuator, filters and to connect the antenna remotely via the SMA connector (using SMA RF cable) if you are a professional user.

For Home use I prefer the CORNET ED78S

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Manufacture's Data Sheet


Operation mode: RF power meter with SMA connector
Frequency range: 1MHz to 8GHz(SMA direct input)up to 10GHz
High sensitivity: -65 dBm to +5 dBm 
Peak Power density: 0.0018mw/m-sq to 0.58 w/m-sq (up to 0.18uw/m-sq to 1.8 w/m-sq)  (up to mv/m to 26.2v/m) 
Dynamic range: 65 dB 
Signal : Analog RF(AM/FM) and high speed
Digital burst RF (GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS,Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, AC smart meter)
Display: Graphics LCD multi-digit power level display, moving Histogram, level bar display, color LED segment.
Function: RF power level, hold, Max,LCD back light,Sound signature (ED85EXS only)
Power supply: 9V DC battery

Antenna Upgrades options:

  • Broadband Antenna (optional) for ED85EXS application (optional item for sell with ED85EXS meter only)
  • Log-Periodic Antenna LPDA1810 ---(1.8GHz-10GHz) (for high frequency band measurement up to 10GHz)
  • Broadband Antenna BAT8 -------------(400MHz-6GHz) (wide band antenna down to 400MHz)
  • Telescopic Antenna TELE5 ------(adjustable length) (tunable antenna down to 100MHz) 
  • NEW!! Magnetic near field probe MP1--(for RF magnetic field)

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