In this page we will document links to other sites with additional information about electromagnetic radiation, EMR sources and EMR related studies. 

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EHS related sites and blogs

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A site written by an EHS, brain tumur servivor, person in Australia


A blog by an EHS person.

ElectroSensitivity UK website


website for EHS persons

an EHS persom site with lots of meters reviews


Radiation Refuge -
 A very nice site with lots of info by EHS people and for EHS people. You can open an account there and add article, products, items for sell and other info.


radiation refuge logo
A site by an EHS person who was able to improve here condition.


EHS and CS site sfrom Japan


Great site of an EHS person, includes videos and stories of many EHS people.

a very nice site of an EHS person full with tips and ways to minimize your exposure to EMR.


 12 a Blog by an EHS person 

Electric Forester Investigations Ltd. site 

 13 Beyond Creativity 

 a Blog by Mikko Ahonen about Electro-Magnetic fields (EMF), Health, Technology and innovation



 Dutch site about reduction of EMF exposure and about EHS

 15 WIKI site about EHS and EMF
The canary sings -
 17 WIFI Refuge, a site of an EHS person from Germany

 18 EHS and MCS people world map


EMF/EMR related sites

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Microwave News - a great site that covers electromagnetic radiation related issues, including articles, studies and news.

No EMR site - This site cover some of the basic aspects and view about EMR.

Electro Magnetic Watch - a great site about the health effects of EMR.

Electromagnetic Radiation Research Trust

EM Radiation research trust

 NEXT UP site - a site operating from France, written in many languages. 
covers EMR issues from around the globe.


 "We are the primary national organisation opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK"



Electromagnetic Health

"a website dedicated to a international community of people suffering adverse health effects from microwave transmitting telecommunications masts & cell-towers in the vicinity of their homes"

Mast site logo

"This site is devoted to providing quality education about the health risks associated with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radio frequencies (RF) and offering resources for community activists working to facilitate public policy change"

DR Magda Havas, PhD site about Electromagnetic radiation, EHS and dirty electricity. great site with lots of video, explanations, links to studies and many more.

Magda Havas

Empowering the public to protect children
and nature from unsafe wireless technologies."

EMR Safety for kids...BY KIDS 

"EMFacts Consultancy, founded in 1994 by Don Maisch, has produced a wide range of reports and papers dealing with various health issues related to human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.   "

a site that focus on RF antennas (TV, radio, radar, mobile mast and so on) and the health effect.



This organization is dedicated to bring information to the public about the dangerous side of EMR.

In there site and blog you will find info and updates about the world or EMR 

and the blog:


This site concentrates on the fight against smart meter deployment in the USA 


Boil the Frog Slowly -  Are politics hazardous to your health?  Understand, function, and ultimately survive in today’s toxic environment.

A nice site with the idea to bring the awareness to Wireless hazard to all of you who are being boiled slowly in your wireless pot.

Boil the frog radio

 "SPEAK UP AND STAY ALIVE" radio website

 "Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh! - Stay safe during any healthcare or hospital encounter." 

 20 Environment Health Trust -
A non-profit organization from the US aimed to bring info to the public about the possible Site with information regarding the health risk of cell phones and wireless devices.

Environmental Health Trust
 21 Safe Tech for Schools Maryland - Safe technology IS smart technology. Microwave radiation does not belong in our children's schools!

 Parents For Safe Technology  - -

 Parents For Safe Technology
 23 Safe Schools for Prince George's County - Parents, Neighbors, and Students Against  Cell Towers on School Property -  

Sites with list of studies

Wiki Pages on EMR

 Number  Link  Short description
 1 Electromagnetic hypersensitivity on Wiki
 2 Non-ionizing radiation on Wiki
 3 Specific absorption rate on Wiki
 4 Mobile phone radiation and health on Wiki
 5 Electromagnetic radiation and health on Wiki
 6 Wireless electronic devices and health on Wiki

EMF/EMFR related services:

EMF protection in Canada



 a company in the UK that offers EMR related services:


An Australian company that offers EMR related
service and run by an EHS person -


 An Italian EMF lab and services with an RF professional that acknowledge EHS and EMF health effect at low levels.


 6 is a EMF measurements, guiding, services and protection business located in New Zealand and run by an Electronic Engineer which is also a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). This business is EHS friendly.
Less EMF for You

Other sites:

 Number  Link  Short description
Re-shelter is a forming* non-profit, charitable 501(c)3 corporation founded to address the urgent need for housing alternatives for people with environmental sensitivities.


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