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"The Cellular, Not What You Thought"


One of the first things I did, after I found out about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and about me being an Electromagnetic Hyper sensitive person (EHS), was to buy a book by Iris Atzmon, named "The Cellular, Not What You Thought!"

The 700 page book blew my mind. It includes EMR related history coverage, quotations of studies and articles about EMR health effects including Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity , information and explanations about the possible ways that EMR effects the human body and other living things, explanations about different  ELF and RF sources,  Information and the writer's views on RF and ELF safety  standards, the way media covers the issue, the way governments around the world deal with the EMR ,  and about the way that industry effects the science,  the media, governments and people.

The book opened my mind and gave me a lot of new information to process, so I read it slowly but surely. In some cases I read chapters again and again until I fully understood what was written. It offered an alternative view on the subject of EMR and its health effect and it made lots of sense to me.  The book exposed me to vast scientific and academic knowledge about EMR in a direct way. Reading the book helped me to establish my own knowledge, views and feelings about EMR.   The book was also a great example for standing up for what you believe in.

I strongly recommend reading this book, especially for people who are looking for a different perspective on the subject of electromagnetic radiation and its health effects.

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