MW or RF - "Microwave radiation" or "Radio Frequencies"

A general name for High frequency electromagnetic radiation between 0.1 to 300 GHz. This radiation is emitted from all electronic wireless communication devices that are based on radio signals for example: Radar, TV and radio broadcast, WIFI, wireless phones, mobile phones, Bluetooth, satellite communication, wireless communication systems, wireless point to point systems and more.

Radio frequency  -

Microwave radiation -

Frequencies of MW or RF

  • 100KHz-300GHz

Units of MW or RF

  • uW/cm2
  • mW/m2
  • 10mV/m2=1uW/cm2
  • V/m - eectric field units.

Specific types and sources of MW or RF

  • Radar
  • TV and radio broadcast
  • WIFI
  • Wireless phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite communication
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Wireless point to point systems
RF sources list, details and pictures

Characteristics of MW or RF

  • Very directional
  • Relatively easy to stop and block (compared to ELF easier and cheaper to block).

Other names of MW or RF

  • Radio frequencies (RF)
  • Microwave radiation (WM) 
  • High frequency EMR
  • Wireless radiation
  • High frequency field
  • Cellular radiation

Radio Frequency Radiation

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